A projector mount is a vital piece of equipment for anyone wishing to install and use a projector in a tidy, effective, safe and professional environment. Having the right projector is only half of the job when it comes to setting it up, and projector mounts are what enables you to use the projector to its full potential and create the accessible look you want.

Where to install a Projector Mount

  • Board Room: This is a room where company meetings are held and the use of a projector can be helpful especially when a presentation is needed in the meeting.

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  • Training Room: Using a projector is a good method during a training, thus it is practical for the mount to be installed in the training room.

  • School: Some subjects may require the students to report on a particular topic and having a projector shelf would be very accessible.

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Basically, you can install a projector mount in rooms that need the use of a projector like your home office or a function room. There are many other locations that may also require this mount to be installed, and choosing the right one for the location is essential for best results.

For use in a fixed location, a ceiling mount projector and a projector wall mount are usually the most effective types. These can be fixed into position either by a professional installation team or by yourself, and can be positioned to suit the layout of the room. The advantage of using a fixed mount is that it does not require any messing around with once it has been installed.

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This is very important in a professional setting, as there is nothing more unprofessional than spending 15 minutes at the start of a meeting or presentation trying to sort out the lighting or the direction of the projector and screen. The addition of a fixed projector mount to a meeting room or training room could be just what your business needs to make things more efficient and professional.

A universal projector mount is a versatile mount, which can be used in a number of different locations with ease. The advantage of using this type of set up is that for people that use different rooms within a building or share projectors between departments for instance. It is possible to move it around as and when needed. It is always a good idea to set up the projector in the desired location and test the lighting conditions before a meeting or a class begins to ensure that it is in its optimum position.

Factor to Consider in Selecting the Correct Mount

In order to select the correct projector mount for your location, it is important to conduct a thorough analysis to determine what your exact requirements are.

  • What you need the projector for

  • Who will be using it

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  • Who will be installing it

  • What the size of the location is

  • Whether it needs to be used in more than one room

  • How often will the projector be used

  • Is it going to be left in a secure location

  • What your budget is

Once you have covered all of these questions, you should have a much better idea of what you are looking for. It would be no use buying a fixed projector mount, installing it, and then realizing that often you need to use the projector in a different location as well.