Seals are extremely important. They serve a lot of industrial applications because avoiding any type of leakage is essential at such large-scale fields. They are strong adhesives, which work to join surfaces together through the application of pressure. Pressure is important because is spaces are present, there is a high chance for contamination and thus these spaces must be avoided. High pressure in the seals wards off that problem. There is a rotating shaft to which seal products work. Seals are made such that they withstand high pressure and temperature. There are various seal products today and may be classified according to function as single acting and double acting.

Variety of Seal Products

Types of Seal Products

  • Induction Sealing: Induction sealing is also usually called as cap sealing. It works on the principle of non-contact sealing. There is a metallic disc on the top of the container. The container may be that of plastic or glass. The sealing is done after the material is filled in the container and capped. In modern times, foils are used to seal the container. When you use foil, you don’t need a closure. Pre-cut or reeled foils may be used. Now, the foil is pressed onto the material. Induction thus begins and the seal is bound to the container. This latest method is called capless induction sealing.
  • Sealant or Adhesive: A sealant such as the RTV sealant is viscous and flexible. It can change its state and solidify. This sealant is usually used to prevent not only liquid and gas penetration but also smoke, gas, dust and air. It is used for dry walls, concrete, etc. The sealant has applications at homes too. They are corrosion resistant as well as insoluble and that is why they are reliable. They are also used in automotive, aerospace and construction industries.

Reliable RTV Sealant

  • Flange Gasket: These types of seal products are usually used for sealing pipes. This increases the surface area within different areas of the pipes. They are of different types and are basically classified depending upon the size. The diameter of the product has to be checked and the flange gasket must be bought accordingly. There are different types of gaskets available. These are sheet gaskets, ring gaskets, spiral wound gaskets and many more. Ring gaskets have applications in gas pipelines.

You can choose among the seal products based on your necessities and what you are working with. Remember to go through the user manual before you start using them because the usage of some may be tricky.