What is a cowl neck? A cowl neck is referring to a neckline of a dress, shirt or sweater that hangs down in a very loose fashion. A cowl neck is a very popular fashion trend among women, men don’t take part in this fashion trend. Today, it’s one of the essential styles women must have in their wardrobe. Read on and know why.

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There are a lot of cowl neck tops out there and choosing the right one is important, as it will help you pair your top with bottoms, shoes and accessories. Whether you are planning on buying a cowl neck shirt or cowl neck sweater, the pair tips are the same.

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Cowl Neck Pairing Tips

Wear With Spandex – If you are wearing a longer cowl neck top but that is too short to be a dress, then wear spandex underneath it. The best part about doing this is that you will be comfortable just like if you wearing regular pants, while at the same time looking dressed up as if you did wear a dress.

Multiple Layers – A lot of people like to wear just a top, however, layers are still very fashionable. It is recommended that you wear a layer of clothing underneath a cowl neck top just in case you decide to take it off.

Top Needs To Be Tight – Have you ever seen women wear a cowl neck top that is extremely loose? If not, that is because they don’t look right. When you sport a cowl neck shirt, you need to make sure it is tight enough that the cowl neck part of it doesn’t get lost in the clothing.

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Pairing your cowl neck top is very important, especially if you plan on going to fashionable event. Most women wear dresses or even a business suit. However, you can opt to wear a cowl neck dress if you wanted to. The nice thing about a cowl neck dress is that you don’t have to pair it with anything because it is a stand-alone piece.

Ideal Uses For A Cowl Neck Top

Dance – Do you like to dance? A cowl neck is a great thing to have when you go dancing because they are dressy enough, yet they don’t choke you. A lot of women wear dresses when going dancing. However, for some dances this would make it extremely difficult for you to have fun.

Business Party – Dressing the part at a business party is tough, mostly because you don’t want to stand out, either in a good or bad way. It is because of this that you should blend in by wearing a cowl neck dress. The benefit of this is that you will have both elegance and style on your side.

Fancy Dinner – Wearing something casual yet dressy is important when going to a fancy dinner. Often times women wear dresses and for some women, they don’t like the feel of a dress. If this is the case, then a cowl neck top will work perfect here.

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These are three situations where you could wear a cowl neck top and not have to worry about being overdressed or underdressed. If you are not sure about where to wear a cowl neck top to, then just put it on and see how it looks. You will ultimately be the judge of how you look in the top.