Corduroy pants are made from corduroy fabric. This fabric is a combination of acrylic, polyester, rayon and cotton twisted together to form parallel ridges or wales. Corduroy got its name from the cable or cord structure that appears on fabrics surface. There are three primary types of corduroy, the standard wale which is 11 inches and is available in different colors. This is a durable and a practical choice for corduroy pants. Pincord or pinwalehas a soft velvety feel. This type of corduroy cord is the finest among the three. The last type of corduroy is the printed corduroy wherein no two corduroy of this type is alike. This is dyed and went to a very thorough process to achieve a vintage appearance.

Corduroy pants vary in styles and designs due to the corduroy fabric used. Narrow wales corduroys are for shirts, jackets and caps while wider wales are for bags, pants, and footwear. Corduroy assures warmth, comfort, and style. Corduroy has durable fabric and is fashionable. It has all the kinds of colors and all kinds of prints.

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Types and Designs of Corduroy Pants

Corduroy pants never fade in fashion trends. It keeps coming back again and again. Just like jeans, corduroy pants have different variation of styles like boot style, flared and today’s latest trends, the skinny type of pants. They are still corduroy with notable tweaks from the original corduroys. Here are some types and styles you can try today.

  • Lined jeans –This is excellent for winter months because they keep you warm. Two types of lined jeans are fleece lined jeans and flannel lined jeans. Flannel is warmer but fleece type is softer. Lined jeans have styles like boot cut, tapered and work.
  • Khaki corduroy pants This is the best fit for a classy and comfortable look. The color of this pair of pants is light brown. There are different styles and designs for men, women, and children.
  • Plus size corduroy pants These are soft and stylish pants designed to fit big waist and hips. They are comfortable and naturally fit the waist of your body.
  • Modern Straight corduroy pants – This is a straight leg cut corduroy that is designed to go straight through your hips and thighs. This corduroy pant is designed with five pockets and comes in with zip closure and button fly. This is available in black or porpoise.
  • Boot cut corduroy pants – This offers an alternative look for corduroy pants. The pants fit snugly at the thighs and hip and opens up wide at its seam creating the bell bottom style.
  • Corduroy Slacks – These slacks are casual outfits suited for informal gathering and for business casual functions. These slacks are available for both men and women. There are also pants that are unisex.

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Fashion and Wearing Tips

During winter, corduroy pants are best paired with turtleneck or long-sleeves. It is also great with button shirt for night dates or night outings. For casual look, corduroy pants matched with graphic tee would amp up the style. Corduroy pants should be wrinkle free at all times to make it look good. Men, women and children can wear corduroy differently. Men can look good with a shirt tucked in the corduroy. Plaid shirt with blazer as is a perfect match for the corduroy. It would be exquisite if the total outfit is matched with a nice pair of suede shoes. Women in corduroy can wear long-sleeved tops tucked in to the pants. For casual look, you can opt not to tuck in the t-shirt or blouse. Women blazer can do well with corduroys as well. And for the foot wear, boots will look nice with corduroy pants.

Due to the large availability of the cloth, there are many cheap corduroy pants available on sale in the department stores or on online stores. By knowing the proper way to use or wear your corduroy pants, you can blow up the horizons of your closet. To complete the outfit, its best to choose corduroy pants not only for comfort but also for versatility and style. With different looks to create, you will sure look glamorous.