The debate on the wallet vs purse is endless. Questions regarding design and fashion are popping up with every passing minute. It is also confusing about whom, between men and women should have wallets and who should carry purses. Well, both of them are different in their own ways and come with their unique advantages and disadvantages. You can have whichever one you want depending on your taste and preferences or also for the different purposes you want them for.

distinction on wallet and purse

Difference Between a Wallet and a Purse

So what’s the big deal about this wallet vs purse thing? Apart from the sizes, they have got a host of other differences. First, a wallet is smaller in size than the purse. A typical wallet will have folds where you put cards and IDs and a larger pocket for cash. A purse consists of a wallet-like compartment in addition to extra large pockets. With a purse, you can therefore carry your cash, ID and other cards, and still have space for your cosmetics such as lipstick, mascara and even a little mirror. A purse can also be big enough to carry bigger things such as water bottles and books. In such cases, it is often called a shoulder bag.

It is very uncommon to see men carrying purses around since most of their clothes will have pockets. However, women have more freedom when it comes to attire. They can either have wallets or purses, depending on the kind of clothes they have put on. Purses are a perfect match when you are in a dress or skirt and have no jacket. A wallet will do if you are in jeans since it is small enough to fit in the pockets. Choosing the right color that matches your attire may be the only challenge. Also the brand speaks volumes about you. For instance, a Paul Smith wallet or a Chanel purse will definitely add a statement to your class.

Wallet vs Purse – What are the Advantages?

Mostly, deciding whether you want to carry your purse or prefer the wallet instead will depend on the function. If you are going out to do some small shopping using your plastic card, the wallet will definitely do for you. Also if you shop using your card a lot, a wallet is better compared to a purse. If you put on suits or trousers a lot, the wallet is best. For women, you may need to carry your purse if you are going out for a function, a ball for instance. If you are out with the kids, the purse will come in handy since you will need to carry some extra items for them such as water or snacks.

visconti compact multi compartment leather purse

Wallet vs Purse – Shopping Tips

So the next time you need to shop for a wallet or purse, consider the following:

Brand – it speaks a lot about who you are. Get brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Paul Smith wallets.

Quality – invest in quality leather products for convenience and better service too.

Function – it is advisable to have several for different occasions. The wallet vs purse debate usually ends here.

Finally, make sure you get original products since fakes can be costly in the long run. If you do the math as well, counterfeits or fake items tend to fall short on the wear and tear so you have to buy another one where if you have the original, it would last longer. You’d be surprised to see that the amount is almost the same.