There are various sizes, kinds and configurations in audio cables but the most popular of them is the Toslink cable, which is usually called an optical cable. It is an optical fiber cable that is standardized and used for connecting electronic equipment like DAT recorders and CD players. The best toslink cable for you depends on the bandwidth and application. For digital video and audio, the standard is PCM or Pulse Code Modulation. EIAJ optical is the standard name.

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What’s Toslink Cable Made Of?

Most optical toslink cable is made with plastic optical multistrand quality fibers or 1mm optical plastic fiber, which is substantially cheaper. The length of the Toslink cable is typically five meters although there are cables that are ten meters long. If you will use a Toslink fiber optic cable that is longer than ten meters, you need something that will boost your signal. More modern applications allow the cable to be as long as a hundred meters.

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More About The Toslink Cable

Toslink was originally invented by Toshiba for use in their CD players in 1983. However, it was developed for use by other manufacturers of CD players because it provides smooth data transmission – something that cannot be done with electric data transmission owing to noise distortion. Because of its excellent performance, the Toslink cable was favored over other models and adopted by other electronics manufacturers. In fact, Toslink became the standard for audio cable because of the ease it can connect the main source host to various components.

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At present, the Toslink optical cable is made by so many different manufacturers that although it is still referred to as Toslink, it no longer has anything to do with its original maker, Toshiba. Thus, if you need a Toslink cable, you will not find it difficult to find one because optical cables are all over online and traditional stores.

Toslink can support various media formats and physical standards. Its main components are the Receiving and Transmission Module, cable and Optical Connector. Electrical signals are converted into optical through the Receiving and Transmission Module.

Originally the audio signal in the Toslink cable is limited to 48 kilohertz at 20 bits. However, this limit has since been changed to accommodate modern technology. An exception is TrueHD, DTS HD and Dolby Digital Plus. There is another kind of jack in the market that is called mini Toslink jack, which is commonly used in mini portable disc players and Apple computers. However, you can connect a mini Toslink Jack to a regular optical cable by means of an adapter.

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Tips in Buying Toslink Cables

  • Do not spend a lot on audio cables since the difference in terms of quality is small between a 200 and 20 dollar brand. Choose one that fits your budget.
  • Toslink cables are called different names so do not get confused when you see the various options available at the store. SPDIF cable, optical audio cable or optical audio digital cable all means the same thing.