Like silk, satin fabric is a kind of textile that is glossy in appearance due to the warp-dominated method of weaving used in making this fabric. Known as the primary choice of royal courts in England during 14th century, satin fabric makes a luxurious material used in wide variety of household, bridal and upholstery applications.

high fashion stretch satin fabric

Brief History

The name “satin” is derived from the port of Quanzhou City, China which was called Zayton in Arabic. During the late middle ages, Quanzhou City was the main shipping port of silk before reaching its destination in Europe.

  • In the middle ages, satin was originally made from silk. At that time, the silk satin fabric was very expensive; therefore, it was used only by people of the upper class.
  • In the 12th century, it became very popular in Europe.

Today, different variations of the satin weave can be seen in local and online fabric stores, along with other impressive fabric collections like Robert Allen fabric.

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Here are the characteristics of satin fabric.

  • This fabric is well-loved by millions due to its sleek, smooth and glossy texture.
  • One of its sides is shiny, while the other side is dull.
  • To achieve this shiny characteristic, the fabric is placed between hot cylinders.
  • But despite its luxury and elegance, it makes a challenging fabric to most tailors as it frays easily and releases a lot of threads when cut.

Raw Materials

When weaving a satin fabric, several types of fiber may be used including:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Silk

High-quality silk is currently the most preferable choice, although polyester makes a great option as well. When cotton filaments are used with a satin weave, the finish product is called sateen.

splendid silk satin fabric


At present, stretch satin fabric, which is a lustrous and soft material, is widely used in creating skirts, dresses, blouses and even undergarments. Bridal satin fabric has become very popular as well, thanks to its soft and timeless appeal. Aside from delicate clothing, the satin fabric is also used for creating different athletic apparel like ballet shoes, basketball uniforms and track jackets.

Caring Tips

Here are the tips on how to properly care for satin fabric.

  • The safest way to clean satin is by dry cleaning, especially those that are made with delicate materials.
  • Thicker versions can be washed by hand, just remember to use only cold water and gentle detergent.
  • Also, avoid wringing them as this will only deform the material.
  • In the market, there are satin cleaning products available, although sometimes, using a wet cotton ball followed by a dry cloth are enough to remove light stains.

perfect bridal satin fabric

Proper care of this fabric will ensure its longevity. Though delicate, this fabric will give you the soft and luxurious feel you always wanted.