If you want each of the family members to have his or her unique stocking this coming Christmas, then you should opt to purchase the personalized stocking types. Compared to the common stockings available in department stores, the prints or designs of the personalized socks can be altered according to the specifications of the buyer. The most common form of personalization is the embroidery of a person’s name in the stocking’s leg or furry cuff. Although stitching can be done manually, the softer and cleaner finish of a machine embroider is far way better.

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Where to buy a personalized Christmas stocking?

The personalized types of Christmas stockings can be purchased everywhere. And the number of shops offering these items often double or multiply when the Yuletide Season is fast approaching. For those who prefer shopping on the Internet, most moms prefer the following online shops or companies.

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  • Pottery Barn. Pottery Barn is one of the largest local and international providers of unique and elegant home furniture, interior design items, decors, and almost all home essentials including the personalized stocking and other accents used during the Christmas holidays. With Pottery Barn, there are classic red stockings for mom and dad and there are also the colorful and cute ones for the children.
  • Stocking Factory. Compared to Pottery Barns which sell all kinds of household stuff, Stocking Factory’s main business or expertise is the production of numerous holiday essentials like holiday decors, Santa and other types of costumes, including the long list of its beautifully designed Christmas stockings.  For its personalized stocking products alone, there are around 70 designs or styles, which you can choose from.
  • Personal Creations. When it comes to personalized crafts and gift ideas, Personal Creations is one of the best choices. Aside from its Yuletide stockings, the company is also selling other items like personalized apparels, memorabilia, tokens, decors, jewelries, office items and supplies, etc.

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Crafting your Own Personalized Stocking

As mentioned above, you can style and design your Holiday stocking according to your preferences. The following short guide and tips should be of help.

  • Crafting personalized needlepoint stocking. The easiest and most recommended Holiday stockings that you can accomplish are the needlepoint stockings. Needlepoint crafts are usually sold in kits which means that you will no longer have to worry about any other items or materials needed to complete the project. The stockings can be done manually in a few days and surely you can be proud of your skillful accomplishment.
  • Embroidering the stocking yourself.  An alternative to the needlepoint stocking is to buy your choice of bare stocking and embroider the name or choice of design yourself. Personalizing can be done manually or automatically. If you happen to have a machine embroider, the tasks of creating a personalized stocking is even simpler; you just needed to sketch or draw the pattern on the stockings and run it on the machine while following these letterings or patterns. Manual embroidering is a bit time consuming but is also relatively simple. You just needed to learn the stitching technique and you’re good to follow the embroidery patterns.

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And to complete that touch of personalization, you may also want to consider crafting personalized stocking holders which will not only jive with your stocking style and design but on the overall Christmas theme of the house.