Just like the name suggests, life jackets should be worn in order to be safe in water. They have been designed to protect you and to save your life from drowning. These are your only line of defense when in the water. They protect you in many ways and some of them are listed below along with some information:

helpful kids life jackets

  • They protect you against hypothermia – the rapid falling of your body temperature. When you are in trouble, rescue will not arrive immediately. Your body might suffer from hypothermia and to avoid that you can pull your legs up in line with the chest to preserve your body heat.  This can be a big safety measure as help arrives.
  • Life jackets are available in numerous colors and they can be easily spotted. Today you will also find options that have reflective tape sewn on them. This ensures visibility even in the dark.
  • Bad circumstances come uncalled for. Life jackets give you protection at all times and in such cases, your risks of drowning will be greatly reduced. Wearing a jacket will also give you a peace of mind and you won’t panic.

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  • You can find infant life vest, kids life jackets, youth vests and adult vests and each has a different weight measurement as well as chest measurement. If you wear something that is loose, it will slip out and you will have no protection. Too small a jacket can snap and the buckles can break and may not even be enough to support your body mass underwater, thus defeating their purpose.
  • All life jackets are made from synthetic material and in order to maintain buoyancy, it has a source such as a chamber of air or foam.
  • Inflation also varies in various life jackets. The inflatable life jackets may be manual, hydrostatic or automatic. They have to be inflated fully prior to use.

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The types of life jackets

There are essentially five types of life jackets and each as its own uses. Depending on which one you require, you should make a choice.

  • Type 1: You can use this kind for any type of water and these jackets are ideal if chances are that the rescue team will take time to arrive. These life jackets offer the highest buoyancy and can be easily worn. These are designed to turn you to face-up position if you are unconscious in a face-down position in water.
  • Type 2: These jackets are intended for calm water and when rescue is nearby and can be expected quickly. It is not as efficient as type 1 jackets in turning the unconscious wearer.
  • Type 3: This serves the same purpose as type 2 but it is very comfortable and can be worn for longer period of time.
  • Type 4 and type 5 can’t be worn. They are thrown to the drowning person to hold onto and save himself.

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Life jackets are indeed saviours in the unforgivable water. If you think they are expensive, you could search online or at stores for life jackets for sale but you should never compromise on quality.