Also called the Personal Floatation Device or PDF, life jacket and life vest should be worn while in the waters especially if you do not know how to swim. Since they were designed to save lives, they came to be popularly known as “life” vests. These are important especially if you don’t know how to swim or are a novice at any water activity such as boating and skiing. The inflatable life vest is extremely important and should be your first preference when you go paddling, canoeing or anything else. Because of carelessness and overconfidence, many people die each year. Even experienced swimmers need the life vest because in worse conditions like strong currents, cold water and huge waves, they could be exhausted and not be able to swim any further. Hence, in order to be safe and to avoid injuries and accidents, the inflatable life vest is a must.

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Points to Remember about the Inflatable Life Vest

  • You should never buy a life jacket without the ‘Coast Guard Approved’ label. Only those jackets that have been approved have the potential of protecting you and saving your life. However, in the United States every inflatable life vest that is sold is approved. The point to remember thus is the reason for which it has the approval. Not every vest is designed in the same manner. While some vests are designed to help you during blue-water sailing, others are for river rescue. Depending on your needs thus, you should make your choice.
  • There are various types of life jackets such as the inflatable life vest with harness and the automatic inflatable life vest. Based on the level of protection you need, you can make your pick. These are especially ideal for children and first timers. If you have a baby, you can buy the infant life vest for him that is designed to protect your baby and not allow any harm.

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  • Another concern is to wear the life vest properly. An improperly worn life jacket will actually not serve any purpose. Regardless of the attire you are wearing, the life jacket must fit you. Comfort is also an important factor and thus, before purchasing, you should make sure you try it on.

Essential Steps on Wearing a Jacket

  • Put the inflatable life vest on and adjust it to fit you accurately. You will either have adjustable straps or simple straps. If you have simple ties, make sure you tie them twice. Adjustable straps are a better choice since you can adjust them accordingly and make sure they fit you well.

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  • If you are making your child wear it, you should make sure one strap is adjusted between the legs. This is a strong recommendation because with smaller kids there is the risk of the life jacket slipping off.
  • Once you wear the life jacket, you should move your hands and see if you can move them freely. If you are uncomfortable with the movement or if you find it restricted, you should buy another one.
  • One point to remember is that you should never try to make alterations. Fiddling with the life vest can lower its efficiency.

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While searching, you can also rely on the inflatable life vest reviews for a better idea of its efficiency. You have many options and brands to pick from like the Puddle jumper life jacket.