One of the most common of all household appliances is the fridge freezer. Most homes would have at least one of these, whereas other homes would even have more than one. Determining what type and size of fridge freezer you will need, would all depend on how many people reside in your home. To illustrate this, for bigger households, people have opted for a large double door fridge, allowing for a separate chest freezer or two, to store frozen foods and refreshments.

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As you will know, there are a huge number of brands available, and the AEG fridge freezer is just one of them. The AEG freestanding fridge freezer is one of a variety of models available from AEG. In fact, for those who did not know, AEG as a manufacturing company that no longer exists, and the rights to use the brand, have been acquired by Electrolux. This means that as a consumer, you will know that there is a long standing service and delivery history behind the AEG brand, one that can be relied upon. In fact, there are some distributors who have been offering two-year parts and labor warranties over their AEG stock.

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Comparatively speaking, the AEG brand has been maintained to genuinely compete with other brands. This extends to the mechanics and the colors of the AEG fridge freezer range, including the silver AEG fridge freezer. By all accounts, it would seem that one of the most popular of the AEG fridge freezer range, is the AEG built in fridge freezer. The 50/50 model enjoys an “A” class energy efficiency rating, an extremely low energy consumption at around 321kWh annually. It has what is known as glass line shelving, which can easily be angled to accommodate bottle storage.

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Ranked by some as the best AEG fridge freezer, the AEG built-in fridge freezer has a net freezer capacity of more than ninety litres, and a one hundred and seventy litre fridge capacity. It comes complete with egg trays that can hold up to one and a half a dozen eggs, with solid plastic internal drawers. This AEG fridge freezer can fast-freeze items of up to ten kilograms, in as little as twenty-four hours. There is also a built in frozen food calendar that allows you to keep track of your frozen food expiry dates. Complete with an anti-bacterial coating, the AEG built in fridge freezer is simply one of the best choices from the entire AEG fridge freezer range.

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So, whether it be the AEG built in fridge freezer, or a good looking silver AEG fridge freezer, you really can’t go wrong by selecting AEG as your supplier of the most important household appliance in your home. The factory warranty protects you against any faulty workmanship, and you can enjoy an extended two-year warranty as standard, when you purchase your AEG fridge freezer from selected retailers.