Sunny tires and other steel belted tires on the market are also referred to as steel belted radial tires or simply radial tires. The tire is constructed out of steel wire mesh located between the body ply and the tread of the tire. In many instances, radial tires could have more than one steel belt layer.

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Advantages Of Steel Belted Tires

Steel belted tires have many advantages over other types of tires being used by car owners at present. These include:

  • Durability

This is the main advantage of radial tires. Because of the steel belts, the tire could go more miles, resulting to longer tire use for the end user. In certain ways, steel belted tires could also be more difficult to damage compared to conventional tires.

  • Flexibility

Radial tires have sidewalls that are more flexible compared to belted tires, because of the ply direction. It also improves the maneuverability of radial tires.

  • Better Aspect Ratio

The width and height relationship of the tire cavity or aspect ratio of steel belted tires is lower compared to belted designs. This allows the tires to be more responsive in general.

Steel belted tires are durable because of the increased tread rigidity. This is beneficial because the load is spread over a greater area of the tire. In addition, the tire is also kept cooler since less friction is generated on certain parts of the tire. The cooler your tire is, the less chance that the rubber will break down, thereby increasing its useful life.

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Steel belted tires are usually thought to be rougher than other types of tires. However, this is mainly compensated by vehicle design improvements, especially the strut and shock system. In almost all cases, modern vehicles give a smoother ride than cars of the seventies. Steel belted tires are also more expensive to make and the increased tread rigidity makes it more difficult to tell if your tire has low pressure.

In most instances though, there are more positive effects from using steel belted tires. It is true for instance that they are more expensive. However, this is compensated by the longer useful life of the tires. This means that you will have to buy new tires less frequently compared to using other types of tires. This is the reason why radial tires quickly became the standard in an industry where it is often difficult to find a common ground on many standards.