These days, with the numerous advertisements coming out to promote different shampoos in the market. It can be confusing for the ordinary consumer to choose which one to go for. You have probably experienced changing your brand several times or getting carried away by effective commercials and promos by newly released shampoos that claim to provide some extra benefits. However, based on many studies, these regular shampoos all contain basically the same ingredients. This is why at present, more people are starting to delve deeper into the salon shampoo which a lot have claimed to be more advantageous.

Kérastase Best Salon Shampoo Color Treated Hair Salon Shampoo vs Regular Shampoo

What is so special about the salon shampoo? Generally, here are the following advantages of the salon shampoo over the regular shampoo:

  • The amount of beneficial ingredients in the salon shampoo is greater. Despite the claims of over-the-counter shampoos regarding their volumizing, hydrating, and softening effects, research and experiments show that the quantities of additional vitamins and proteins inserted into the salon shampoo are much more significant. Most of these are also all-natural and organic components. Hence, the price goes up.
  • There are chemical fillers incorporated into regular shampoos. Most of the regular shampoos often have chemical-based preservatives and additives to make the shelf life longer. But then, these may have damaging effects on the hair in the long haul.
  • Usually, the salon shampoo is more concentrated as compared with OTC shampoos that are oftentimes fundamentally made up of water. This is why salon shampoos are more effective and you need not apply them as much or as often.



Popular Salon Shampoo Brands

Of all the many salon shampoo brands, there are several that always come up among hair care professionals and salon experts. These are the ones that will surely give you your money’s worth. The following are the top salon shampoo brands that you can truly count on:

  • Kerastase – If you want a brand that is reliable and highly esteemed in the market, this is for you. Only selected salons make use of its products but you can be assured of amazing quality because the company has had extensive experience in developing a wonderful line of salon shampoos, conditioners, and the like. If you are searching for a great color depositing shampoo, this brand can also provide you an excellent one. Kerastase boasts of several award-winning products over the years.


  • Redken – If you try to research on the best salon shampoo and conditioner, this name will surely pop up a lot of times. Whether you are looking for effective color protection, softening and lengthening shampoos, moisturizing products, strengthening and hair repair treatments, or style support products, Redken has all of these and more! This brand is certainly well-established and has been a great partner of salons for many years already.


Know The Best Salon Shampoo Brands

  • Nexxus – Whatever kind of hair care you need, Nexxus is another big name in the industry that people and especially salons can rely on. This company carries a lot of tried and tested products, including the best salon shampoo color treated hair can ever have.

If you take a look at the big salons these days, you will discover that these three salon shampoo brands are generally preferred and used by the salons. This is because they have already proven their worth in this field and many users have already testified about their marvelous benefits.

Indeed the salon shampoo is more costly than a regular shampoo for good reason. If you are really after healthier hair, then you should go for a salon shampoo.