Every cycling enthusiast has definitely heard of Craft cycling. Craft cycling products are known worldwide for their high-quality line of athletic clothing. They have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort to fully understand the movement of people’s bodies when engaged in active sports activities. They have individually studied the body cycles of famous bikers, runners, and skiers, which enabled them to produce a customized Craft cycling apparel to suit every athlete and fitness enthusiast.

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The highlight of Craft’s study on the active human body gave birth to the Craft Principle. This clothing principle basically lies on the idea that an athlete must wear functional clothes that will not hamper the body from achieving optimum sports execution. And by functional clothes, they mean Craft apparels. Craft cycling has sporting apparel that allows the skin to stay dry amidst intense sweating. These Craft cycling clothing feature a 3-layer design that provides the best microclimate for the active body. Each of the 3 layers is essential to achieve the ultimate Craft cycling functionality.

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Craft Cycling Product Line

One of their product lines is the Craft cycling apparel. They have the following cycling products:

  • Rain jackets
  • Wind jackets
  • Gloves
  • Feather-light gilets
  • Wind gilets
  • Bib shorts
  • Jerseys
  • Caps
  • Booties
  • Arm/Leg/Knee warmers
  • Shoe covers

Depending on the type of Craft cycling clothing, these can have anti-bacterial, breathable, UV protection, waterproof, windproof, and relaxed fit features. You can also choose designs with full zips, pockets, rear pockets, and rear zip pockets.

comfortable craft elite bike pace jacket

Available Sizes

  • Extra Small (XSmall)
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large (XLarge)
  • Double Extra Large (2XLarge)
  • Triple Extra Large (3XLarge)
  • Uni-Size

Advantages of Craft Cycling Products

It is without a doubt that the Craft Principle embodies the unique advantages that one could enjoy from this brand. The 3 layers in products of Craft cycling is a feature that can be imitated by other brands of cycling clothing but never replicated.

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  • Base Layer

The function of the first layer is to move sweat or wetness from the body by spreading it out for evaporation. Simply put, this is the underwear collection that is designed to suit any type of climate and intensity level. This layer is categorized according to different weather conditions that the wearer may face – Stay Cool, Be Active, Extreme, Windstopper, and Keep Warm.

  • Insulation Layer

This is the second/middle layer that ensures protection and flexibility for the active cyclist. Wearers can choose between various options – Lightweight Shift, Lightweight Flex, Thermo Cool, Wool Stretch, Flex, and Shift. Craft cycling selections in the Insulation Layer are jackets, bib shorts, jerseys, tights, bike tops, bike pants, and shorts.

  • Protection Layer

The third and final layer is all about sports functionality. This is the cyclist’s protection from the elements in the atmosphere, like the wind, rain, or cold weather. The protection layer is where the moisture or sweat coming from the inner layers is finally released into the air. The Craft cycling choices that compose this layer are socks, caps, gloves, and warmers.

Experience the utmost comfort while enjoying your favorite sport with these ever useful product from Craft cycling.