Air bear filters are made by Trion IAQ, which is a part of Air System Components, Incorporated. It is a subsidiary company of Tomkins Building Products that is among the top manufacturer of ventilation and air distribution solutions in the world. Trion has been providing quality industrial, residential and commercial products that were designed specifically for producing safe, comfortable and clean indoor air environment. The company manufactures Trion air bear filters in its 263,000 square foot main headquarter in Sanford, North Carolina. The European, African and Middle East operations of the company are handled from Winnall Close, Winchester, UK. In 1998, Trion (Deutschland) GmbH was created so that the company can focus more on the European Market.

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Air bear filters have made its mark on the market through superior quality, dependable performance and outstanding customer service. The company developed a degree of technical expertise that allowed for cost effective solutions and innovative products for the air cleaning issues of its customers all over the world. Air bear air filters can be found in homes, clubs, offices, factories, hospitals and even sea going vessels.

Advantages of Air Bear Furnace Filters

Air bear filters are mounted directly to the cooling and heating system in your home. They have a pre filter that is optional, which is engineered to trap larger particles like hair and lint. This optional feature allows the filter to have longer useful life.

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To be able to get maximum filtering, air bear filters use synthetic fibers that are 100 percent electrostatically charged. The fibers are combined with radial pleating to allow for minimum resistance. This unique combination makes the filter last longer, allowing you to change it less often, which in turn translates to bigger savings.

The optional charcoal filter should always be considered. Charcoal is great in trapping odors from pets, cooking and other general smells that are normal in a household. Once the air is cleaned, it is then re-circulated back into the house.

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The air bear furnace filter is a lot more efficient than an ordinary filter and it comes at an affordable price. It is rated at 8 to 12 MERV or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It is a rating that has been designed by ASHRAE or American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, to compare the various air filters that are available on the market. If a filter has a higher rating, it is better at trapping large amount of minute particles that are bypassed by other filters. These are the same particles that result to health problems in humans.

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Your Quality Options

The most outstanding air cleaning products from Trion are the Trion Air Bear Supreme, Air Bear Right Angle and Air Bear Cub. Both the Supreme and the Cub are one piece 20 gauge cabinet wraparounds while the Right Angle is a space saving innovation that is well suited for instances where a 90 degree duct adapter is required. All air bear filters have a removable and washable pre filter that is optional.