It is natural for a dog to bark. When a dog barks, he issues a warning to the owner about some danger that he sensed. However, there are many noisy dogs that bark a lot and create a lot of noise. Neighbors of such dog owners even complain to the police about noisy dogs that disrupt their peace. You can’t expect the dog to bark only when you want him to because dogs bark in a bid to communicate and that is what dogs are for. Just as humans speak, dogs bark. It is also true that noisy dogs can be very irritating. That is the reason why there are dog barking control devices which controls a dog’s barking. It is becoming more and more popular today especially for dogs that are brought up in apartments.

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Some people find it very hard to train their dogs into not barking unnecessarily. Others have no clue as to how to control dog barking. Such owners are on the constant look out for an easier way to minimize the barking without causing any harm to the animal. Many believe that the dog barking control collar is the best and most effective way to minimize the barking. For your neighbour dog barking control collar is important for them not to be disturbed in the middle of the night. Also called as the no bark collar, this type of collar is again of different types which controls the dog’s barking. Here is more about the dog barking control collar and the different types available.

Types of dog barking control collar

  • Shock bark collars

These collars send a harmless static through the dog when he barks nonstop. This collar is effective in controlling your dog’s barking and in only a few days your dog will know not to bark. Since it is fast and provides quick results it is preferred by many dog owners.

  • Spray bark collars

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Some of you may be repelled by the idea of putting your dog through shock every time he barks. You could thus choose the spray collar instead. Dogs are very sensitive to smell and get irritated by the smell released by the spray when they bark excessively. The sprays are natural and do not cause any harm to the dog. This is why they are safe and can be used without worry.

  • Sonic bark collars

As the name suggests, these collars produce an ultrasonic or sonic wave that is usually not heard by humans. This sound is sudden and takes the dog by surprise which stops him from barking.

While some experts are okay with the concept of a dog barking control collar, many are repelled by it. They are even termed as torture devices by most of them. Some dog barking control devices reviews also say the same. If you have a problem with a dog’s barking, then it’s better not to adopt a dog at all. Training the dog to listen to you is much safer. It may take longer but it is the best because you won’t be putting your dog through serious torture for doing something that is natural to him.