The human body is a complex mechanism and its function depends upon healthy and balanced living. Probiotics are micro organisms which are very useful to the effective function of the digestive system. Digestion is highly affected by the good and bad bacteria. The balance of these two in fact is the reason for the effective functioning of the digestive system and respiratory system. Probiotic supplements help to maintain this balance and offer greater immunity. Acidophilus pearls are considered as a unique form of probiotic supplement which will release beneficial bacteria into your intestines.

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One might wonder what will cause the depletion of good bacteria in the intestines. Well, when you put on antibiotics for some physical ailment, the side effects of these medicines deplete the balance of the good bacteria and bad bacteria present in the intestines. Probiotic supplement like acidophilus pearls will restructure good bacteria thereby controlling the bad bacteria from over powering the intestinal functions.

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Acidophilus pearls by enzymatic therapy are a proven supplement which protects good bacteria. Using true delivery technology the acidophilus pearls are encapsulated, while the inner layer is a paste which consists of the probiotic bacteria and second layer acts as sealant for the bacteria which is within the capsule protected from air, heat and moisture. Acidophilus pearls by enzymatic therapy also have a third layer which helps the capsule to dissolve in the alkaline environment of the intestines. This helps in releasing the bacteria alive into the intestines which otherwise dies when delivered unprotected due to the acids in the environment.

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Probiotic bacteria are sensitive to heat, moisture and air. So it is necessary that the supplement made from this is well protected and has long shelf life before the user uses it. A special coating is needed to safeguard the microorganisms and most of the supplements which are sold today do not meet this standard and only 50% of the bacteria are alive. The supplement must be released alive into the intestines for greater benefit. Acidophilus pearls guarantees 90% live bacteria in its supplements.

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Due to the unique coating, these products have longer shelf life and one need not even leave them in refrigerators to preserve them. There is no artificial coloring, flavoring, wheat, yeast, preservatives, dairy products, corn or gluten. These supplements eliminate allergies and lactose intolerance. It also produces Vitamin K and minimizes the damage caused by detrimental organism in the system. Acidophilus pearls reviews and feedback from beneficial users reveal their noteworthiness without doubt. If you want to buy acidophilus pearls then make use of the acidophilus pearls coupon which you can get online or in stores. The acidophilus pearls are cost effective and offer more in value to your overall health and well being.