Tea tree oil is best known for its medicinal properties, and among all other products containing tea tree oil, tea tree shampoo is highly recommended for the scalp problems like itching, roughness and dandruff. Itching and flaky scamp is one of the major reasons of dandruff problem. Tea tree oil has become the essential item for the hair and care products, and the majority of the suppliers are offering the products containing tea tree oil; specially the shampoo with tea tree oil.


Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo
Origin of Tea Tree Oil

The essential element tea tree shampoo is tea tree oil. Tea oil and the tea tree oil are not same elements. Tea oil is mainly used for cooking and seasoning purposes; extracted from “Camellia oleifera” seeds. Tea tree oil is basically extracted from the tree named “Melaleuca alternifolia”, by steam distillation process. This is the native tree of New South Wales; a city of Australia. It is well known for its therapeutic properties. It naturally possesses antifungal and antiseptic properties.

Tea Tree Shampoo Benefits

Benefits of tea tree shampoo are unlimited. Some of the major benefits are the following effects.

  • Tea tree shampoo gives proper cleansing to scalp and hairs. Hence unlike other shampoos, it is ideal for daily use.
  • Shampoo with tea tree oil helps in minimizing the scalp oil production by promoting healthy blood circulation.
  • It possesses natural antifungal and antiseptic properties. Shampoo with tea tree oil can help in soothing the dry, flaky and itchy scalp and helps in getting beautiful and clean hair.
  • It is best medication for dandruff treatment.

It is sort of all in one product which is not only a product for women but equally efficient for both men and women without causing any imbalances. It can be easily used for dyed or colored hair. Tea tree shampoo is best treatment for the lice problems of kids. It doesn’t contain any pesticide, hence treats lice problem without hurting sensitive skin of kids.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Side Effects Caused By Imbalanced Ingredients

You might have experienced some sort of irritation caused by the shampoo with tea tree oil but it might not be tea tree oil who is the culprit. There are number of available shampoos in market which contains the tea tree oil but most of them don’t have the balanced ingredients and can cause side effects like eczema, pustules, itching or irritation. Common ingredient, which causes irritation and other scalp problems is Sodium lauryl sulfate. Its amount is to be added very precisely and else it can cause incurable side effects.

Organix Shampoo: Sulfate Free Hair Care

A good tea tree shampoo contains various ingredients like organic elements, Aloe leaf extracts, conditioning elements, and most importantly up to 5 % tea tree oil. Organix shampoo is among those quality tea tree special shampoos, which are sulfate free, uses organic ingredients and natural extracts such as oils and coconut milk. The popular Organix shampoo not only provides effective cleansing of scalp, but also conditions hair at the same time. It is definitely a worth buying product regarding your hair needs.