We all know that there are different types of shorts available in the market for both men and women. You can easily find any short for any occasion. At present, any casual outing would require you to wear either a cargo short or jean short, while back then; the short pants were usually worn by young boys for formal attire while attending school. Take note that with the different types of shorts for roughly any activity, it is vital to consider the fabric and cut before purchasing in order to get the ideal pair of shorts.

Types Of Shorts For Men

Modern Style Plaid Shorts

For the men, there is a certain types of shorts to choose from that would fit the user well.

  • Cargo shorts are built for both convenience and comfort. They feature extra pockets on the thighs to accommodate things. They are available in different styles and fabrics, from the loose to the long and slim short pants.
  • The jean shorts are popular with the urban crowd. They are essentially denim cut-offs, but sometimes made loose or baggy to be more comfortable. The blue one remains as the most popular colour.
  • Running shorts are specifically made with a special brief liner in order to protect from chaffing.
  • The bicycle shorts only have one purpose and that is for comfortable bicycling. They are made of a spandex mixed material with padding.
  • The board shorts are comparable to swim trunks but has a surfer style incorporated. They are light weight and facilitate complete mobility while at the same time water resistant.

Types Of Shorts For Women

Pink Plaid Shorts for Women

For women, they have different types of shorts with various styles and forms to choose from.

  • Cut-offs is shorts that were jeans before the wearer trimmed them down.
  • Jean shorts for women are considered as ideal summer essentials.
  • Athletic shorts are ideal for women who want to feel comfortable and prepared with any kind of fitness activity. They are durable and even flattering for some women.
  • Cargo shorts are usually loose and comfortable.
  • Plaid shorts are similar to Bermuda shorts; the only difference is the material.
  • Capri shorts are long shorts with lengths just below the knee or upper calf and they are either loose or tight.

With the different types of shorts available for both men and women, you can find one for any occasion or activity that you will attend. Make sure you will check the material and quality so that you will have the ideal shorts to wear.