The barking of dogs can be both pleasant and annoying. Hence, there are just times that you want your dog to behave like taking it for a walk in the nearby park or during times that you’re watching your favorite TV show. Some dogs are simply problematic which barks excessively all day and even all night. Fortunately, there’s the no bark collar that will train your dog to stay silent in such times. Obviously, it is used to moderate barking as well in order to improve the behavior of your pet. No bark dog collars are very popular these days, they are much safer than installing an electric fence for your pets. These are in fact very helpful for dog owners living in cities area with strict community or home association rules.

best No Bark Collarbest No Bark Collar

best No Bark Collarbest No Bark Collar

How Do No Bark Collars Work?

No bark collars are very simple, they monitor the vibrations of the dogs throat to distinguish when that animal barks. This is very different than some of the bark collars released many years ago because some would pick up a barking dog down the street and that would give your dog a slight shock for something they didn’t even do. This is why no bark collars nowadays are much safer, they also only provide a small shock similar to that of regular static electricity you get walking around the house. If you want to know which collar is right for your dog, then it is imperative that you get no bark collar reviews online and go from there.

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What Are No Bark Collars Used For

  • Training – A lot of people use no bark collars for training purposes. Having a bark collar on a dog while you are trying to train them will keep them in tune with you for a much longer period of time and it will also help them pick up the things that you are teaching much faster.

  • Silence – If you are tired of a barking dog early in the morning when people around heading to work, then a no bark collar is just what you need. More and more people are using no bark collars for their pets during family get together, walks through the neighborhood and many other reasons as well.

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These are the main reasons why people use no bark collars on their dogs. However, there are other non-ordinary ways as well. There are numerous no bark collars available today and most incorporate a different technology in them which may or may not work for your dog. The conventional zapping types are still available since some still find them effective to stubborn dogs. To some, it will just make matters worse.

It is understandable if you don’t like how no bark collars work and that is why you should know more about them. Hence, the best option is to go with top brands with better reviews like a Citronella no bark collar.

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This no bark collar doesn’t transmit a small shock, it actually sprays a small amount of Citronella spray under the dogs chin and this has been really effective for some animals. In order to tell which no bark collar will work the best for your dog, it is important to try both out and see which one performs the best.

Being that everybody is different and that not everyone will like how a no bark collar works, you will need to decide this for yourself. Just because no bark collars are effective doesn’t mean that you will be comfortable using one on your dog. A lot of people like how these work but just remember that there are other techniques that will work just as well.