Because of their refined appearance and rarity, pearls have been given supreme value since time immemorial. Women have desired them because of their divine, iridescent appearance. These shiny orbs can either be natural or cultured, and they come in various colors, sizes, and shapes. A trendier variation is chocolate pearls which were introduced at the turn of the new millennium. These pearls are generally of two kinds: chocolate Tahitian pearls and dyed freshwater pearls.

Despite the popular belief that chocolate pearls are mysterious and hard to find, what actually causes their color is a chemical reaction. The first kind is, in fact, black Tahitian pearls bleached and heated to produce a glossy brown color. These pearls are sensitive to changes in temperature and would often refuse human-induced stimulation. Their characteristics make the artificial process slow, thus chocolate Tahitian pearls are difficult to mass produce. Freshwater pearls, on the other hand, are dyed chocolate brown in the same chemical process used with other colors.

The Demand for Chocolate Pearls

Since their debut, chocolate pearls have become increasingly popular with women who have impeccable tastes when it comes to jewelry. As with other rare finds, the law of supply and demand plays a huge role in the production of these pearls. The process initiated by the Ballerina Pearl Company in bleaching and heating black pearls to create a lush brown color was a novel idea, yet it takes too long. Hence, chocolate Tahitian pearls are always of limited supply and are very difficult to find. They are very expensive, too. This huge demand for chocolate pearls allowed other producers to imitate the process but most did not succeed eventually. Another company that uses the same technology is Shanghai Gems, but their supplies are also often limited.

 A good alternative would be dyed freshwater pearls. They are less expensive but they look just as radiant as chocolate Tahitian pearls. Choose a good jeweler, however, since these ones do not possess the same durability and integrity that chocolate Tahitian pearls have. You would want to have chocolate pearls that are cheap. But they should also be strong enough to last a couple of years.

Chocolate Pearls in the Fashion World

Women who have a penchant for unusual jewelry may have chocolate pearls included in their wish lists. These exotic pearls are incorporated in a wide array of designs for necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings. A chocolate pearl necklace evokes subtle elegance and sophistication whether in a single strand, lariat, or rope style. It flatters almost any skin tone and is a perfect highlight to clothes in earth colors. Adding a chocolate pearl jewelry to your collection is indeed a refreshing way to update your style and taste in accessories.

Chocolate pearls are no less valuable than regular pearls. For women with style, chocolate pearls are an exquisite piece of jewelry that is much more elegant and expensive. Surely, white pearls are timeless and appealing. But chocolate pearls take beauty to a whole new level thus making them a very popular choice among ladies worldwide.