What is a car suspension and why are they important? Car suspensions are multiple springs that connect a vehicle to its wheels which then creates motion between them. The purpose for suspension is to control road-handling of the vehicle for safety. Suspensions are the main mechanism that separates your car from the road. It will prevent your car from falling to pieces after hitting a bump. Regardless of how smooth the roads are it is not safe to speed and propel over objects. That’s why all types of vehicles on wheels  rely on suspension. Driving at top speed will never become a reality without the car suspension system doing their job properly.

front car suspension

Basic Mechanism of a Car Suspension

 When talking about the overall automobile performance most people think of horsepower, it is perceived that it is all about speed and acceleration, especially for first-time owners or have minimum knowledge of how an automobile works. They do not understand power is useless if the driver does not have control of the car. That’s why car suspension problems should always be dealt with first hand when the problem arises to avoid unnecessary setbacks that are usually fatal to the driver and their passengers.

The main principle of a car suspension is to make the most of the friction between the road and the tires, this allows stability and comfort for your passengers. Because roads are not flat, bumps can interfere with the car causing imperfections in handling. These imperfections can apply force to the wheels. A bump would cause the wheel to move up and down. The wheel will experience a vertical motion when it happens. Without the car suspension the car would lose contact with the road altogether. Your suspense system would need to absorb the energy of the wheel allowing the frame and the body to be undisturbed when the wheel hits a bump.

strong muscle car air suspension

Types of Car Suspensions

You can go on forever enumerating the types of  car suspensions available in the market today but you can make your life easier by grouping them first in the general concept of how a car suspension was developed.  They are mainly grouped as dependent and independent suspension types for both front and rear axles of a vehicle. It should be taken noted though that these groupings are only applicable to traditional suspension systems or the analogue types.

Car air suspension and digital suspension systems are just some of the few popular and efficient developments that are being used today. The complexity of each car suspension from leading manufacturers is easily available online. You can check out popular names such as KYB and Koni and compare their products so that you will be able to select your specific needs. KYB struts and shocks have been in the market for years and have been trusted by most car owners and manufacturers alike.