A pendant light refers to a type of lighting hanging from the ceiling. The suspension is made possible by the use of an electrical flex that is attached to some source of lighting. Many people tend to think that they can easily get away with ugly lighting apparatus in their houses as lighting goes unnoticed. This, however, is not entirely the case today since people now have a critical eye for even the slightest details of room interiors and how they affect the overall look of a room.

The small table lamps that were used in the past are the ones that led to the development of the pendant kind of lighting. Since necessity is the mother of invention, the need for lighting that could cover a larger space led people to being innovative and thus made them hang their lights on high places, in order for them to see far and wide. These table lamps later evolved into being the pendant lights that are so much sought after today.

wonderful small table lamps

Pendant light fixtures, also known as suspenders or drops, are the cords that are used to suspend lighting from ceilings of houses. These fixtures could either be single or could consist of several lighting features. Each hangs down to its own length, creating an impression of serenity and elegance in a room. The arrangement of a pendant light is made depending on the impression or theme one wants to set in the room. For a more personal theme, these lights could be hung low, right above the dinner table or bed as this brings about a more serene and cool atmosphere.

typical pendant light fixtures

An instant pendant light could also come in quite handy in lighting houses, and it is a trend that quite many people are adapting today.

decorative instant pendant light

A DIY pendant light can be made just by having a creative mind. The raw materials that are used in the making of these kinds of pendant light are quite cheap and easily accessible. The following are the steps involved in making a DIY light using a coffee can:

  • Remove the label on the outside of the coffee can slowly and carefully to ensure that the can retains its shape
  • Drill a hole at the centre bottom of the coffee can
  • Paint the can appropriately, in line with the interior theme of your house
  • Put the pendulum light cord through the drilled hole
  • Fix the designed kit to your ceiling
  • Screw the bulb in

fashionable diy pendant light

For pendant light ideas, one could have the following:

  • Instead of hanging your light at the centre of a room, hang it on one side
  • Use adjustable pendant lights
  • Hang multiple pendant lights instead of just one

Pendant lights are the new trend in town and one had, therefore, better catch them while they are still trendy.