Various consumers have different visualization when it comes to portable TV, but actually, it possesses the same features as that of a conventional television except for the fact that it comes in smaller screens and reinforced housings or handles. Older models use the traditional cathode ray tube while newer versions work on a liquid crystal display or LCD.

philips portable digital high definition tv with fm tuner

Common Features

Regular portable TV models at present offer the following features and enhancements:

  • A portable TV normally has a screen, which measure no more than 13 inches.
  • Earlier models produce black and white images and were connected to a standard power outlet in order to perform their function. Later, battery-operated portable TVs came to life. But because the viewing time was limited on this type of TV, smart inventors thought of inventing an alternative in the form of a boom box, which has small screens and tuners and functions like portable TVs.
  • During the late 1980’s, electronics companies like Sony and Casio released their versions of small portable TV that can fit in the pocket. Virtually, this TV can be brought anywhere, thanks to its smaller size and enhancements like headphones and other features similar to pocket MP3 players. But because its screen is too small, obviously the images it produces are very small as well. Also, the housings of pocket size TVs are prone to neglect and weather damage that is why this device is not carried on at present.
  • The most advanced and latest technology on portable TV is the LCD screen. In order to give off better picture and color vibrancy, popular brands like Sanyo TV came up with this screen which makes use of several small transistors that support every pixel of it.
  • This device is never complete without a portable TV stand. Nowadays, stands are made sturdier and more compact, which are capable of withstanding poor weather conditions and impact from everyday use.
  • Newer versions consume less energy that is why the portable TV for car is commonly used at present. Not only for watching TV programs, they can also be used for gaming as well as for playing videos.

11 inch portable high definition tv

And those were the summarized yet significant facts about the portable TV. If you are always on the go and you want to stay tuned on your favorite channels or you are simply an avid movie lover, then this device will serve you well. Check them out to your nearest store now!