If you want to add a dramatic focal point in your room, create the illusion of space in a small area, brighten up your room or just catch your reflection and do all of this on a tight budget, all of this and more can be achieved by adding decorative mirrors to your interiors.

Types of Decorative Mirrors

  • Frame – Both framed and frameless mirrors are available. Generally, people prefer framed mirrors when going for decorative wall mirrors.
  • Polish/Finish – Framed mirrors are a huge category in themselves. Some popular finishes include weathered, antique finish, wooden finishes such as oak and maple, and metallic finishes such as bronze, gold, stainless steel and brushed nickel mirrors.
  • Shape – Mirrors come in various shapes ranging from the common ones such as oval, rectangular, round, square and arc to the more unconventional free forms including stars, sun bursts and rain drops.
  • Custom mirrors – Some manufacturers even deliver customized mirrors in which the buyer can specify the shape, size, finish and/or look.

decorative mirror of the natural handicraft mirror

Most Popular Styles of Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors have always been a popular element of interior décor; consequently each design movement had its own representative furniture and décor pieces which included mirrors. Some of the most popular ones are mentioned below:

  • Antique – If you prefer a classical look then you can opt for antique mirrors, either by buying period specific mirrors or by going for an antique finish.
  • Contemporary mirrors – If you like sleek, straight lines, simple shapes and bold, graphic frames then you should go for contemporary mirrors.
  • Southwestern – If you have a primarily Southwestern theme in your house, which means lots of ceramics and earthen colors and shapes, then use decorative mirrors with wrought iron frames to complete the look.
  • Art DecoGeometric designs, recurrent use of sun burst motifs and zigzag edges signify the ever popular art deco mirrors.
  • Old World – Buy old world style, large mirrors with distressed finish if you want to add scale to your room.
  • Country – If the country look is closer to your heart then you can go for pine framed mirrors or invest in some good quality wrought iron frames for them.
  • Crystal – If you want to add some bling to your interiors, you can go for mirrors with crystal frames. 
  • VictorianShapes, chunky frames, and ornate designs make them excellent centerpieces. If you have got this beauty you might as well flaunt it and make it the focal point of your entire décor.
  • Eclectic – You can even combine the above styles and mix different frames, shapes, sizes and colors of mirrors in your house to give an eclectic look. A good idea is to make a collage wall featuring your entire range of mirrors.

Other popular styles include whimsical, retro, Cape Cod, mid-century modern, rustic, mission, traditional, arts and crafts style.

clover antique silver decorative framed wall mirror

Shopping Tips for Decorative Mirrors

Start playing with decorative mirrors and add life to your interiors. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when you go shopping for mirrors.

  • Compare prices online. You would be surprised at the bargains you can find online.
  • It helps if you mark out the dimensions of the space where you want to put your mirror, that way you would not end up with an oversized or undersized mirror.
  • If you have a theme running in your house, try to continue the mood by buying mirrors which go with the theme. You can also look at the style guide above for ideas.