Chainsaw sharpener is used to sharpen the blades or teeth of a chainsaw. A sharpened chainsaw makes the work easier and faster. When the blades are sharpened well, it reduces the chance for sprocket and bar to get damaged. If you can see your saw producing small sawdust rather than the large chunk of woods, it means that your chainsaw now needs sharpening.

chainsaw teeth and blade sharpener

Steps in Using Chainsaw Sharpener

If you are having difficulty using the chainsaw chain sharpener, here in this article you will be enlightened. These simple steps on how to use chainsaw sharpener is your guide:

  • First step: Cleaning the chain. You can use a small toothbrush and some cleaner that you can apply on the chain. When you are cleaning it, make sure that the material you use will go between the teeth of the blade and under the chain where the bar is attached.
  • Second step: Arrange in a line the file of chainsaw. You can place the sharpener of the chainsaw at any part when you are cleaning the teeth of the blade. Choose tooth where you can place the electric chainsaw sharpener file of the chainsaw. It is either on the notch, groove or the front.
  • Third step: Lift the file on an appropriate angle. Before you can start sharpening the tooth, make sure that you are holding the file on the right angle side. You can either tilt the file in twenty five to thirty degrees. But you can always read the manual for some instructions regarding how to make sure that you are filing on the right angle.
  • Fourth step: Start filing the tooth of the chainsaw. Once you are sure that you are on the right angle, begin the process of sharpening the tooth. Move the chainsaw sharpener back and forth, clockwise and counterclockwise or up and down. Do the process three to four times.
  • Last step: Repeat the process from the start for the other teeth of the blade. After all the teeth are now well-sharpened, you apply oil to the blade.

electric chainsaw sharpener

According to some chainsaw sharpener reviews, if you want to save yourself from the hassle in sharpening chainsaw use the rotary tool method than using file. This is because filing is more expensive and a slow process. Chainsaw sharpener also vary in brands. The Poulan chainsaw is top rated not only for sharpening tools but as well as chainsaw parts. The manufacturer is trusted and known for its product to be safe and durable.