Using airbrush makeup makes makeup application easy. In this article, you will learn the history, advantages and how to sue airbrush makeup.

A History

Airbrush was discovered by Abner Peeler in 1879 using few spares parts that he could find in his jewelry workshop. Later several have companies used the original idea to make a various types of airbrush makeup system. Today many film makers prefer using an airbrush instead of sponges to apply makeup on the actors. Most of these makeup systems are small in size depending on the purpose they are to be used for.

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Uses of Airbrush Makeup

Advancement in technology has led to the development of high definition video and images that has capacity to capture images with high precision and clarity. Traditional makeup systems usually resulted in formation of wrinkles since the makeup used to settle on the skin pores. If you use these methods when shooting a high definition video the viewers can easily see this effects and this may in turn affect the overall quality of the movie. However, one can eliminate all chances of experiencing these effects by using a quality airbrush makeup which can produce a sheer and more natural appearance look if it’s used properly. You can use this tool to carry out layering, shading, contouring, highlighting eyebrows and lips. Special effects can be incorporated by using a stencil or freehand.

Polymer water-based is a cheap airbrush makeup formula normally used to coat the skin so as cover up scars and pimples. On the other hand, alcohol based airbrush makeup is used to create fake tattoos that can be rubbed away easily. Be sure to check the formula of the makeup before using it for a specific purpose so as to get the expected results.

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Advantages of Using an Airbrush makeup

As mentioned earlier this makeup helps to cover up skin defaults such as scars; hence, making them invisible especially in the shooting of HD movies. The following are more of its advantages.

  • Unlike regular makeup this system, airbrush makeup helps the user to apply the ink conservatively; hence, saving on time and resources.
  • Using an airbrush makeup enables users to apply a more durable skin coating unlike other makeup systems that disappear after a short span of time.
  • It is small in size and light in weight; hence, users can conveniently carry it around at ease. It can be placed in professional makeup cases.

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Tips How to Use an Airbrush Right

In order to achieve the perfect results one has to learn how to use airbrush makeup correctly.

  • One of the ways in ensuring success is by carefully reading the manufacturer’s guide that is usually sold with the airbrush makeup. Friends or relatives who have previously used the system can also provide the much required vial information.
  • Work in layers – It’s advisable to work in layers. That is, one should apply the base layer and let it dry completely before proceeding to the next layer. This helps to avoid smearing and smudging that can tamper with the general appearance after application.
  • Be conservative – It’s impossible to wash away excess color once you have applied it on the skin. Hence to avoid this, it’s recommendable to only apply the right amounts. Holding the airbrush at least six inches above the skin can help to prevent excessive application of color.
  • Most of the artists that use airbrush makeup recommend use of regulated bursts to spray specific skin parts.

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Airbrush makeup reviews available online can help in choosing the most efficient and affordable airbrush makeup to use. Have an easy and convenient way of applying makeup using airbrush makeup and by following the above tips.