You’ve probably seen that transparent, thin, and sheer fabric, but are not aware how it is called. Just to let you know, that is an organza fabric. Currently, the silk organza fabric is woven by various mills located along the Yangtze River and Zhejiang in China. Coarser versions are woven at Bangalore, India; while deluxe variations are crafted from Italy and France.

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The organza fabric is a plain weave that has thin and crisp qualities. This fabric is easy to weave, as well as sew and dye. Like cotton, it is durable and easy to wash in cold water. Because of its thin and transparent appearance, it makes an expensive-looking and expressive material that is easy to modify and press.


Traditionally, the organza fabric is made from yarn. To achieve sheen and fine texture on the finished product, different strands are woven together firmly. It may look like its stiff; but in reality, it is not harsh, will not make you feel itchy, and does not unstitch when worn.

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Because of the exquisite quality and detail of the organza fabric, it comes more expensive when compared to other kinds of fabric. Silk organza fabric is currently considered the most expensive, but if you want the same quality and texture without paying a high price, then you could use other synthetic blends or buy them from stores that offer organza fabric wholesale instead.


Most homeowners today use embroidered organza fabric as curtains, napkins, and tablecloths. To get the fabric on a lower price, they usually use the organza in plain white color. During special occasions, the organza is also used as decorative bags to hold treats and little gifts.

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For over a century, the organza fabric is widely used as a clothing material in India. Nowadays, it is also been used in United States as a cheaper alternative to silk. They are using it mostly to create lightweight cocktail dresses and evening gowns, as well as shirts, dresses, skirts, and handkerchiefs. And because it is malleable, thin, and soft, it becomes a popular material for undergarments as well.

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If you want to create a lightweight clothing that is as elegant as silk, then you should opt to use an organza fabric. There may be other fine fabric choices out there, so be sure to check out the leading fabric collections like Robert Allen fabric to be able to get the best design for your fabric needs.