A good cook knows the way you prepare and cook a dish determines the outcome of the dish. Along with finding the right ingredients, the chef also knows what to look for in a cookware set. Quality cookware isn’t known by its brand name, but the brand name is known by the quality cookware. Created with family in mind, the Paula Dean Cookware collections provide the quality, usefulness, and longevity the serious cook needs.

gourmet chef 12 piece covered cookware set

A Guide To Buying Your Cookware

  • Family Size

Anyone who cooks for a family knows the size of the pot makes a difference in the time it takes to cook the meal.

For example, the average small skillet is about 8 inches and holds two 3-ounce boneless chicken breasts which are enough to feed 2 people. In order to feed a family of four, the cook would have to double their cooking time. However, using a larger skillet such as the 12-inch Paula Dean Chicken Fryer allows the cook to prepare the entire family’s meal in one pot. Versatility is another important topic when deciding what to look for in a cookware set. As an added benefit, the chicken fryer is useable on the stove top as well as the oven.

  • Base

The base serves three important functions. It determines if the food will heat evenly, the cooking time and the longevity of the cookware.

A copper or aluminum base is what to look for in a cookware set. The Paula Dean signature collections have pots, pans and baking pans with an aluminum or copper base that heats quickly and evenly. Together with the tempered glass top, the cookware holds the heat in. The glass top also allows the food to be watched without having to remove the top. Next to the stainless steel cookware, the cast iron cookware take minimum maintenance and useable on the stove top, oven, broiler or grill.

·        Color

To a person who spends a majority of their time in the kitchen, the cookware’s color should match its surroundings. Although the color doesn’t actually add to the quality of the cookware it adds to the mood of the kitchen.

A finish that will last and not fade is what to look for in a cookware set. Available in a variety of colors, the Paula Dean Cookset has a durable enamel finish, are stain resistant and easy to clean.

paula deen 15 pc lavender cookware set

·        Specialty Cookware

Finding a pot, pan or baking pan to fit you specific needs is what to look for in a cookware set. Specialty cookware is designed for specific purposes. For example, the Paula Dean’s butter warmer only purpose is to melt butter, warm small amounts of liquid or cook oatmeal and the spout on the side makes it easy to pour.

·        Lifetime Warranty

Ideally, cookware should not wear out but in case it does, it’s important to have a lifetime warranty or an extended warranty. A lengthy warranty shows that the manufacture stands behind the quality of their product. It also provides a free replacement in case there is a defect or flaw with the product.