The cashmere scarf is known for its comfort, softness and costliness. The fabric is an excellent choice for chilling winters. Men and women both wear these scarves with different dresses. Also known as Pashmina scarves, these delicately spun wears are praised worldwide today. For those who still think that these are old-fashioned wears, read on and explore to find how the stylists and fashion experts have molded and modified these wears into trendy updated wears.

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Materials & origins of cashmere scarf

Cashmere scarves are woven manually by cashmere wool (also pronounced as Kashmiri wool). Since centuries past, these are woven in handlooms. People in the Himalayas are considered as the inventors of these luxurious wears. They used to obtain the wools from Himalayan goats. The system is still preserved to a great extent.

But today, the wool is obtained from the Kashmiri goats. It takes them around 4 years to supply enough wool to weave 2/3 of scarves. These goats provide a mixed wool material consist of coarse fibers and fine fibers. With hand-combs, the fine fibers are separated and used in looms to fabricate the scarves.

Uses of Cashmere scarf

Women have used these scarves for ages. In the last few decades, these have been as popular as men’s wears too! These are lightweight fabrics but capable of producing the warmth amazingly in the icy winters. They are simply wrapped around the upper part of the body and that’s it; you’ll feel like at home sitting beside the furnace.

Besides its application as winter wears, some fashion stylists have come up with a new concept of using it as fashion wear with jeans and shirts for men. Even women in jeans and pullover can also go with these scarves and attend parties and events.


  • These scarves are luxurious, trendy and complimentary with every dress style
  • You can wear them in winter; you can use them for style purpose in summer too
  • They are very soft; the fabric shows intricacy of the weaving technique
  • Compared to other scarves, these are lightweight and contrasting
  • The material is very suitable for sensitive skin


  • They are expensive and often associated with frauds. You have to be very careful at the time of purchase
  • These need to be maintained properly. Intricately woven fabrics are very delicate and require you to take extra care and attention to caring

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Cashmere scarf wearing tips: statements from fashion experts

  • Choose the scarves according to your personal preferences. Think about the dress combinations that you love to put on and consider the contrast of the scarves with them.
  • Consider your body shape and skin tone to select a good match. You should also go for trials and find out what looks good on you.
  • These are mainly winter wears, but work great as indoor dress options in summer and winter seamlessly.
  • The shirt or the top works as a canvas for these colorful scarves. Think about a complete picture portrait, it’ll help you pick the right one.
  • Currently printed scarves like leopard print scarf or nature print scarf are the trendiest picks. Choose one of the hot sellers.

Fashion always repeats in a cycle of time and generation. Even a few decades back, these cashmere scarves were considered as old-fashioned items in markets. These were supposed to be the best pick for older women exclusively. But today, things have changed upside down and anyone can actually use these as latest fashion trends and go with cashmere scarf anywhere s/he wants.