The fashion gurus seem to come up with new colors for nail polish every year.  Actually, make that every season now.  Are you updated with the latest in nail polish colors? Reading articles about the fashion shows in New York and Paris can be great fun and it is a super way to learn what the 5 unique nail polish colors are for this season.  This is one of the first years they seem to be covering the nail polish worn in such detail.  There were certainly some interesting colors and combinations of colors.

 There are a number of looks that are popular this season, including a nude look and a strange take on the French manicure.  Actually, the French manicure looks rather fun.  You use a lighter color for the base of your nail, and then the part that is usually painted white, you paint some other bright shade like red.  It is very unique, and should attract younger women and teenagers.

purple opi silver glitter nail polish design

The 5 Unique Nail Polish Colors

Here are suggestions of 5 unique nail polish colors that seem to be popular with the teenagers, some are old standbys and some are a little more unique.

  • The first is the old stand by red.  This is still very popular with many age groups of women.  Be sure if you are thinking of wearing red or any other deep color, you use a good solid base code.  Otherwise, your nails may stain.  The most popular shade of red seems to be a blue red as opposed to an orange red.
  • Another group of popular colors are the metallic shades again.  These are great fun.  The green and blue are solid sellers as are some of the more unusual yellows and reds.  The sheen of these colors definitely makes a statement.
  • Pinks still feature with many teens.  As these colors can range from baby pink, to deep rose, and fuchsia there is lots from which to choose.  These colors are nice, because you can more easily match them to lipsticks.
  • A popular color is the Chanel holographic nail polish.  This is rather expensive and may not be available everywhere but most young women love it.  You can always purchase it online if it is not available at a store near you.  It comes with a special undercoat that helps it to adhere to the nail.  Make sure you add a top coat as the holographic nail polish does tend to wear off rather quickly.
  • The final of the 5 unique nail polish colors to discuss is an old standby, black.  This is not just worn by girls into the “Goth” look.  It is also popular with other groups.  Again, remember that it can stain your nails if you do not wear a good base coat.

lovely light pink nail polish design

There are just some of the popular colors worn by teenagers.  Sad to say, some schools make life difficult for teens as they just hate the dark reds, metallic and blacks colors and will not allow students to wear these.  This is hard on the teens as this time of their lives is when they should be allowed to experiment with colors and fashions.  If you cannot wear these colors at school, then you should be able to experiment with the 5 unique nail polish colors and styles on the weekend.  Have fun mixing and matching.