While there are known ways to keep your home cool without switching your air conditioner on, there will still come a time when the use of a good unit like Kenmore air conditioner is a must; especially when the temperature reaches 40 degree Celsius. If higher electricity bill is your concern, you don’t have to fret anymore because you can still stay cool while minimizing the energy that the unit consumes. To do so, you simply need to follow these top air conditioner energy saving tips.

home air conditioners safety guidelines and energy-saving tips

  • Keep it warm at night.Since the temperature drops during night time, you don’t need the same level of cooling as you would during the day. Do this by switching your AC to a lower setting before going to bed or at least one or a couple of hours before bedtime.
  • Opt for portable or window air conditioners.If you plan of cooling only a few specific rooms and not your whole home, then a portable unit might just be all you need. By using such, you will cool only the rooms that are in use and will save up to 50% less energy than a big central air conditioner can consume.
  • Close all vents in your home, especially in the basement area.Another great addition to air conditioner energy saving tips is closing all vents on the lower part of your home. By doing so, you will allow the cool air to naturally creep down there and push the hot air up which cools as it goes down.
  • Have your unit serviced by a professional occasionally.While it is imperative that you do routine maintenance procedures on your air conditioner, they might not be enough to keep your appliance trouble free, especially if you are surrounded with annoying trees that bear and drop seeds that bonds with the filter; causing the unit to function much harder.
  • Reorganize your furniture at home.Check your home furnishings to see if they are blocking the chill that you want to experience or enjoy.  If so, then it is time to rearrange them.

air conditioner best saving tips

An air conditioner is extremely helpful, especially during the blazing hot summer days. However, it should not be the cause for unpaid electricity bills. That is why it always pays to keep theseair conditioner energy saving tipsabove in mind. So go ahead and have your own unit today in case you still don’t have one so that you too can beat the summer heat.aa