If you want a modern fireplace minus the fuss of smoke, installing a direct vent gas fireplace is a great idea. These fireplaces generate enough heat to keep your room warm while looking attractive at the same time. A fireplace can easily become a focal point of your interiors if you use some imaginative fireplace decorating ideas. Remember that while a fireplace is an item of utility, it certainly can look beautiful as well.

Five Quick Ways To Make Your Fireplace More Attractive

Add an aesthetic touch to your interiors with these 5 fireplace decorating ideas:

Candle Stands:

Imagine a beautiful modern fireplace with a vintage candle stand placed in front. Drop in at your local store that stocks fireplaces and you may be amazed to discover that they stock candle stands as well. Candle stands are becoming an oft-used accessory for fireplaces, and creative ways are being found to make use of their beauty. You can buy candle stands that come in multiple tiers and place them inside the fireplace itself, or right at its entrance. Either way, a candle stand with a fireplace combination is one of the most popular fireplace decorating ideas. Play around with the colors of the candles to go with the look and color palette of your room.

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Potted Plants:

A fireplace which is not in use can easily become the center of attention when you place some potted plants near it. All you need to do is buy a couple of potted plants and strategically
arrange them in front of the fireplace. If you want to indulge your creativity, deck up the potted plants by painting the pots in different colors. A splash of green in bright pots will surely make a wonderful addition to your interiors.

Fireplace Screens:

Visit your local store and ask about fireplace accessories. With modern gas fireplaces being used in many homes today, you can find a
range of screenswithattractive designs. You can go for flat, arched, or bowed designs according to your preference. If you want to get more ornate with fireplace decorating ideas, try screen designs that have intricate patterns of leaves or flowers on them. These screens look good and they act as safety measures when your fireplace is in use.

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Fireplace Mantels:

Mantels come in a variety of materials, from wood, to marble, to cast stone, which you can choose from depending on your budget and preference. These days, the market offers pre-fabricated mantels that you can set up easily with a bit of supervision from the manufacturer. If you want a unique look, get a mantel custom-made for your direct vent gas fireplace to seamlessly blend with your interiors.


Tiling can be an effective way to heighten the appeal of a fireplace. Add a double line of mosaic tiles around your fireplace for a great new look. When you choose the mosaic tiles for the fireplace, get a color pattern that goes with the look of your room. Use these fireplace decorating ideas to creatively deck up your gas fireplace.