A majority of women spend a lot of time, effort and money polishing their nails since this is one of the best ways to make them look even more fabulous. Hence, it simply shows the importance of being able to understand the necessity of taking care of your nail polish. Regardless if you have decided on putting a silver nail polish or a red one, you have to put effort into ensuring that your manicure and pedicure will be taken care of as much as possible.

Nails always look best when they are freshly polished and shiny at the same time. As soon as your polish starts to get chipped off or whenever you have noticed that it starts to flake and crack, it does not give you that fabulous and glamorous look that you have been looking for at the start. To avoid getting those nail chips and cracks, here are some aspects that you have to consider as important steps in taking care of your nail polish.

ultimate tips on taking of nail polish

1. Choosing the Right Nail Polish

Taking care of your nail polish involves finding the right polish brand. You can find cheaper brands out there, but the question is: are they worth the money? Remember, some cheaper brands may not be as good as the more expensive ones. Before you consider buying that silver nail polish, read reviews, find customer testimonials and ask the experts about it. There will be times that you may experience seeing some nail kits. These are perfectly fine as long as you are confident about the brand. If the nail polish brand seems new, do not hesitate to ask other friends about that brand and see if they have bad or good experiences.

2. Proper Application

Many people are not aware that proper application is important in terms of taking care of your nail polish. If you have noticed bubbles appearing during the entire application process, do not expect your polish to last longer. To avoid these bubbles and to make sure that the polish will last long, apply at least two coatings and a top coat for the final touch. Colorless nail polish gives that extra coat, which can definitely help in terms of maintaining a good and shiny polish effect. If there are particular mistakes, you can make use of a nail polish remover and use a small cotton swab to correct these mistakes. This prevents you from removing and re-applying the polish all over again.

3. Touching Up

Applying an extra coat on the chipped area is the most ideal way to have it covered. However, for best results, you have to retouch and apply a new nail polish after a week. If you are not using a tough wearing polish, remember to remove your old nail polish every week and apply a new one. You can also apply a top coat or a nail hardener every two days to protect your nails. This is the easiest way that one has to know in terms of taking care of your nail polish. Nails are continuously growing, and do not expect that your polish will stay intact for more than one week. For maintenance purposes, use a polish remover, condition the cuticles and apply new coatings for a fresh start.

proper application and storage on nail polish

Taking care of your nail polish may seem a bit tedious but the steps are actually easy. You need only take a few minutes off every two days to check on them and see if they are as fabulous as new.