Space villain and arch nemesis of Buzz Lightyear, Evil Emperor Zurg comes to life in the Emperor Zurg toy. Being the secondary antagonist of the second Toy Story film, voiced by the talented Andrew Stanton, the Evil Emperor Zurg toy comes equipped with silver horns protruding from above dark red eyes, dimmed to make way for yellow gritting teeth. Clad in a purple tunic, he wields an onyx cape and his weapon, a gun, the Zurg toy is a masterpiece.

Mattel emperor zurg toy

Featured in the film Buzz Lightyear Star of Command: The Adventure Begins, Zurg personifies his much bragged about evil character. Telling Buzz Lightyear within battle that he, Zurg, was indeed Buzz Lightyear’s father caught Buzz off guard. Gaining the upper-hand in the fight, Zurg started to deny his claims. Being the truth or not, still puts buzz’s mind into a blurry as he does not know who his father is. This thought provoking move goes to show the type of character Zurg really is. A bit less intimidating, in the TV series, he maintains his Dark Lord demeanor captured beautifully, by the Toy Story Zurg toy.  His dark ways are much counteracted with comedic occurrences and behavioral habits such as recording Buzz’s speeches, maintaining a troll doll collection among numerous others. Zurg maintains a British accent throughout.

emperor zurg toy with weapon

The Zurg toy much like the character in the TV series stands commander over an army of minions consisting of Hornet robots, Brainpeds and Grubs. Zurg and his army’s home turf identical to hell, is called planet Z, (Xrgthung). Called planet Z is so done because Xrgthung was deemed unpronounceable, so it was just simply changed to “Z”. Whether or not Zurg rules over any other planet is unknown and hasn’t been revealed. Planet Z possesses resources that causes Zurg to be a force to reckon with with regards to the Galactic Alliance. Though highly intelligent and able to construct brilliant military strategies, Zurg often is gullible and inept.

The Zurg toy, much like the TV character though camp in nature is as ruthless a villain. Zurg seems to possess some sort of authority over other villains of the galaxy. He appears to be the very physical manifestation of evil and is particularly proud of this fact. So proud, he never misses the opportunity to tell the world how evil he is. Zurg is the parody of Darth Vader on Star Wars, Darkseid on DC comics and Megatron on Transformers.