Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world as people in the olden days used to wrestle for entertainment reasons or as a fun activity for the boys and men. Nowadays, wrestling is also practiced by women. This sport is very physical and it is thus necessary to have the appropriate wrestling equipment before embarking on the sport. This is important as the proper equipment will ensure safety and avoid injuries while engaged in it. Equipment used in wrestling is available in a variety of styles, sizes and designs depending on age. For kids, there is the wrestling equipment for kids specially designed to be used by those in the age bracket of 12 to 17.

nylon made white shapewear singlet

List of Proper Wrestling Equipment

As mentioned above wrestling is a physical sport thus protection and safety is paramount. Below is a list of wrestling equipment that is a must have:

Wrestling shoes – these shoes are meant to provide support to the ankles and provide grip on the wrestling mat. The shoes are made from light material that is flexible and breathable. The sole is made of rubber. A good brand to go for is the Asics wrestling shoes.

Singlet – these are considered as the wrestling gear. It is a type of suit designed for wrestling and is made of nylon and spandex, which makes the gear easy to stretch. They fit tightly on the body making it easy for a wrestler to move. They are also comfortable and come in different colors.

Head gear – during a wrestling event, the head is prone to several knocks, which can be fatal in the long run. In order to protect the head and ears from knocks and impacts, wrestlers should wear headgears. These are usually made from plastic.

Knee pads – this wrestling equipment is meant to protect the knee from abrasions, scratches, cuts and impact during a match.

Mouth guard – this is vital in protecting the teeth from injury. They are mainly made from rubber.

In addition to the above mentioned equipment, the wrestling mat is considered to be essential wrestling training equipment. The mat is made from rubber and the sizes used vary according to specifications set by the wrestling federation. Other equipment may include a face mask and jockstraps.

revolutionary rulon wrestling storm shoes

Shopping Guide

When it comes to purchasing wrestling equipment, it is important to take into consideration:

  • Cost of the equipment – prices vary from store to store thus reading a wrestling equipment catalog will give you an idea of the prices and different products available.
  • Size of the equipment – look for equipment that will ensure you are comfortable and flexible
  • Brand selection
  • Color and style

With the above information, you are sure to get the appropriate equipment for your wrestling matches.