Graduation is one of the best times in someone’s life, as the person will now be moving on to bigger and better things, whether it is to advance to college, or to leave the same and work. Gifts are also a big part of graduation. Some can be good, and some can be the worst. Here, you will find out what are the worst graduation gifts of all time.

Graduation Gifts To Avoid

  • Paper Weight

This is one of most horrible gifts for college students. While it can be used to hold down a stack of papers, still, it doesn’t really do anything for the person. For one, not all people have their own desks, nor do all people keep a pile of papers. Most often than not, it only ends up with other decors. Hence, this is one of the worst graduation gifts.

best Worst graduation gifts

  • Pen

Pens can be used for applying for jobs, or writing, but there is no excitement and action to a pen. Pens are simply not something to get someone who has worked four, or maybe more, hard years in class.

  • Tie Clip

Another one of the worst graduations gifts for college students, and this if for the guys, is a tie clip. Tie clips can be decorative for a man’s tie, but it is not the type to celebrate someone’s achievement. It may be used to celebrate during the graduation, but it should not be a graduation gift. Plus, if your man needs it, he can get one himself.

  • Money Clip

This is something else on the list of the worst graduations gifts of all time. A money clip will be useful if money was being given as well with it of course, but by itself however, it is not something to invest in a gift for a college student. If they are going to college in just a few short months, a money holder is not what they will be thinking of.

  • Desk Clock

This item could be useful in the dorm room, but it has no appeal for the high school or college graduate. This can be the worst graduation gift just because it is not something they can enjoy as a student. In fact, majority of these students most likely have their own clocks at hand.

  • Photo Album

Next on the list for the worst graduation gifts is a photo album. They may be nice for keeping pictures of the graduation in them, but the key is excitement and thrill. Plus, the advance technology for students today is starting to make photo albums obsolete.

best cheap gifts for college students

  • Picture Frame and Food Basket

A food basket is one of the worst graduation gifts ever thought of. Usually, it is brought to someone when someone has died. A picture frame is also boring as well. Students want things they will enjoy using. They want action and stimulation.

  • Daily Planner and Flowers

Last on the list for the worst graduations gifts are the daily planner and flowers. Daily Planners can be good for the student getting organized, but it is not fun and exciting. Plus, cell phones, iPads, and laptops can now take care of this. Flowers do not do anything as well, but only a temporary piece of decoration. They can look good in dorm room, and could be a nice gesture, but it is not really useful to a college student.

Hopefully, these ideas on the worst graduation gifts will help you when you are buying a graduation gift for the fresh graduate in your life.