Cycling is truly an adventurous sport. This does not only get you professional sportsmanship but also gets your physical stamina to the highest level. As a cyclist, you might have curiosities about the world’s best cycle routes. Here are some of the favorite tracks from the professional cyclists around the world.

World’s best cycle routes #1: Otago Peninsula, New Zealand

New Zealand is always the tourists’ most favorite destination because of the greenery and colorful fresh country landscape which offers an absolute beauty. Otago peninsula is a great combination of civilization and laid-back untouched natural backdrops. The track most cyclists have often talked about starts at university-town Dunedin. The helical route has moved along the coast with a charming blue oceanic landscape. The terrain here is exclusively made for cycling activities. The sharp turns, higher altitudes and the steep climbs have made this a haven for adventurous cyclists around the globe.

new zealand south island worlds best cycling route

World’s best cycle routes #2: Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

India being one the overpopulated Asian countries offers some great tourist attractions. Udaipur city in the state of Rajasthan is truly an exotic terrain for cycling activists. Cycling is possibly the most suitable way to explore the city and its suburbs. Also known as the Venice of the East, the city presents a majestic view for the tourists coming here. Great palaces, temples and ancient forts of historical interests give you an impression that you are time traveling on your bike. The city is connected to many major cities of India and the highways are ideal for professional cycling here.

World’s best cycle routes #3: Ruta Austral, Chile

The track starts right from Puerto Montt, Central Chile and moves along Caleta Yungay. The track ends through an amusing 810 miles journey by cycle at Villa O’Higgins, northern Patagonia. You’ll have to use the ferryboats number of times along this cycle route. The wild green landscape, national parks and exotic animals won’t let you get exhausted on your way.

World’s best cycle routes #4: Cape Breton Island, Canada

This route is extremely popular among the professional cyclists around the world. The breathtaking scenery along the roadside truly attracts anyone towards the absolute beauty of nature. The inland sea, rocky coastal area and soaring ridges have made the place exotic. The Cape Breton Highland itself is a favorite tourist destination for nature lovers. For the cyclists, the track offers some adventurous turns, some sharp inclines and gently rolling hills through the entire path.

World’s best cycle routes #5: Isle of Wight, UK

The combination of hills rolling through the inland sea, narrow lanes, deep green and lush velvety terrain has turned this track into a paradise of cycling. The white chalk cliffs are stretched along the whole breadth of the track. This route has been a favorite for professional cyclists for a very long time. Recently, this isle is becoming popular as romantic tourist destination for young London dwellers.

best cycling route in Isle of wight uk

If you are planning a trip to one of these destinations, you should prepare yourself very carefully. Choosing professional equipments like diadora cycling shoes will help you a lot in these foreign and adventurous terrains. Also pack yourself with the latest professional cycling gears, navigation systems and a complete toolbox to ensure utmost safety. Be geared up and enjoy the world’s best cycle routes!