Flowers never fail to provide charm and cheer in any occasion so the use of flowers during parties or even simple gatherings should no longer come as a surprise. People around the world want to surround themselves with flowers if only to keep them cheerful no matter what the circumstances are. However, if you find real flowers too expensive then why not try wooden flowers?

special ann arbor wooden flowers

The use of wooden flowers in your homes or offices is an innovative way to bring nature inside without breaking the bank. If you are planning to decorate a large space with flowers, then make your purchase more affordable by getting wooden flowers wholesale. You need not wait for spring to surround yourself with flowers because you can have them in your homes permanently and for all seasons.


Even ancient civilizations had produced hand carved wooden flowers that were made from wood supply they found from the forests.  This is proof that you need not spend much to decorate your homes with wooden flowers provided you are creative. With the many resources available to people nowadays, thanks to the accessibility of the internet, it is now a lot easier to get tips and guides on how to produce hand carved wooden flowers.

Available sources

The materials for making wooden flowers are not hard to find even if you live in urban areas. There are craft stores that sell wooden materials or tree shavings that you can readily turn into wooden flowers.  Rose wooden flowers are best made from birch tree since their shavings can be molded into different shapes. Once you have the wooden material, wood shavings, glue and paint, then you can make your own wooden flowers. But if you do not have much time for these creations, it is easy to order them from the various online shops.

muliticolored wooden flowers


*Practicality Factor

Wooden flowers are the best decoration options for those who want to be surrounded by flowers for months without worrying about their flowers wilting on them. Hand carved wooden flowers may look like the real thing but they are strong and can last for a long time. These flowers are great centerpieces for restaurants or homes because they require little maintenance.  Some of the wooden materials used to create these flowers are recycled wood sourced from wooden crates used in shipping so buying them will also be a vote for the environment.

*Cost effectiveness

Unless you have a garden full of flowers the whole year through, which is almost impossible due to the changing seasons, buying flowers can be very expensive.  Flowers are available in flower shops the whole year through but they sell at exorbitant prices especially during peak seasons and special occasions.

one colored wooden desires flowers


While cut flowers can survive longer, they still pale in comparison to the life span of wooden flowers. If you know how to take care of them, wooden flowers can last for very long periods which make them very cost effective. Flowers made from shavings can sometimes look very delicate but they do not easily break.


Wooden flowers are suitable not just for home or office decorations but they are also suitable for other occasions like birthday, Valentine’s Day or even Mothers Day. Wooden flowers for weddings are also a hit nowadays because the flowers can easily be designed according to the wedding motif and they can be used for the reception too. The couple and their guests can also bring the wooden flowers home as souvenirs.

custom blue wedding bouquet

Wooden flowers come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. They can also be made into tulips, roses, carnations, sunflowers and other flower varieties making them very ideal for just about any occasion the whole year through.