With the rise of various cafés, coffee lovers can now have either pure coffee or coffee mixed drinks. There are plenty of ways to create coffee mixed drinks. Do not limit yourself with pure coffee. Coffee mixed drinks are even better since you have both the taste of coffee and the taste of another drink. They also come in different varieties that will surely catch your taste.

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There are different ways of mixing and improving the experience of drinking coffee. You can mix two or more varieties of coffee beans like the Indonesian coffee mixed drink which is a combination of Papua New Guinea beans and Sumatran beans. This drink has an excellent, strong flavor. Sumatran beans alone have a black roast and smoky taste that can be brewed to the best flavor. Aside from other varieties of coffee beans, incorporating other flavors like almond, vanilla and cherry can make a great change in the taste of coffee and offers a different kind of coffee experience. The additional flavors will lighten the acid of brewed coffee. Along with the flavors, identifying the correct blend of roasted coffee seeds will allow you to make your dream coffee mixed drinks.

It was claimed that one of the best international coffee mixed drink is the Tahitian vanilla latte. Another astonishing coffee mixed drink is the combination of Yemen coffee (Qahwa) and dark chocolate. This mixture produces a foreign taste. When you want a lighter taste, then you can substitute dark chocolate with Ghirardelli milk chocolate. Coffee mixed with cocoa is wonderful. Combine Mexican coffee and cocoa beans to create the best winter season warm up coffee. You can have this mixed drink as a cold drink during the summer season too.

Coffee is also a great flavor for cocktail drinks. It can either be a coffee liquor or espresso-infused vodka.  It can be mixed with vodka, whiskey and bourbon. Examples of coffee mixed drinks that contain liquors are Espresso Martini, Roasted Toasted Almond and Mochatini. Cream and milk can also be added to coffees to produce a fun experience with drinking coffee mixed drinks Examples of these are Caramel latte and coffee shake.

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If you want to have the best brewed coffee to be mixed with your drinks, the Bunn coffee maker is one of the well known coffee maker brands in the coffee market. Bunn coffee pots are famous in the hotel kitchens and houses all over the world. Go online and search for recipes on how to create unique and tasty coffee mixed drinks. However, you create your own coffee mixed drink to have a more adventurous coffee experience.