A wireless motion detector for home security is of primary importance today. The reasons are pretty obvious. Everyone wants to be safe and secure. Home is supposed to be the safest abode for everyone but things are not so simple anymore. Burglaries are on a rise and no one is safe. It is not a pleasant feeling to have your house robbed and your possessions taken away. Because of the increase in crime rates and the growing need to be safe and secure, having a wireless motion detector alarm is gaining a lot of popularity. Your wireless motion detector can also be connected to a larger system and thus, it is extremely practical. The wireless motion sensor can detect motion and trigger an alarm as a warning signal that there is an intruder in the house.

wireless motion detector with wall mounting bracket

There are numerous different types of wireless motion detectors. Before you decide on buying one for your house, you should be aware of the types and functions so that you make the best choice. Here are a few types:

•Active Infrared Wireless Motion Detector – As the name suggests, these detectors are based on radiations. These radiations can make out movements in the environment and trigger the alarm. These detectors are usually found in malls.
•Ultrasonic Wireless Motion Detector – This detector can sense motions through the sound frequency. These are however not in use today. They have been replaced by much better sensors.
•Continuous Wave Radar Detector – These detectors use microwave signals instead of infrared signals. They are more efficient and sensitive, making them more expensive.
•Passive Infrared Detectors – These are similar to the active infrared detectors but they don’t emit any radiations. They work to detect the changes in temperature and are the most used for homes.
•Vibration Detectors – This wireless motion detector can detect electric fields of different objects.

outdoor wireless motion detector alarm

The biggest problem faced until recent times with the outdoor wireless motion detector was that there were numerous false alarms caused by it. New technology has however solved this problem and now there are combo motion detectors. They detect motion with the help of both radiations and temperature changes in order to be accurate.

You can buy the right wireless motion detector for you according to your choice and your budget. You can choose to buy online from a reliable site to make the process easier and feasible for you. You could also simply walk into a store and purchase the wireless motion detector which you think will suit you the best. Go ahead, do the needful and protect yourself and your family.