A lot of people are working out to stay fit and healthy. But, every time winter comes, simple exercises like jogging or taking a long walk are restricted due to the cold winds. Winter running gear is for those people who are unwilling to change their exercise routine. The cold weather running gear consists of different clothing designed to provide warmth to the person.

basic cold weather running gear jacket

What Consists Winter Running Gear

In general, the winter running gear consists of the following pieces of clothing:

a)      For the head and neck : A woolen hat can be worn to protect the head; while a neck gaiter or thick woolen scarf, which covers the neck and lower half part of the face, can be used to protect the neck. You may opt for a balaclava, which covers the whole head and neck. It is usually made of fleece or wool.

b)      For the lips : Due to the cold winds, the lips may dry and chapped. Try applying Vaseline or a quality lip-balm to protect your lips.

c)      Apparel for upper body : To keep warm while running, it is important to wear layers of clothing to keep warm. The base layer is closest to the body and should be made of synthetic material followed by insulating layer, usually fleece, and finally winter jacket which is water-proof.

d)     For the hands : Wear woolen gloves or mittens.

e)      Apparel for lower body : Wear tights made of synthetic material as base layer and top it with a water-proof track pants.

f)       For the feet : Look for water-proof shoes that offers good traction on the slick ice. Trail running shoes are a good option. Pair them with woolen socks to keep your feet warm.

g)   For the eyes : Wear sunglasses or goggles.

Winter running gear women consists of the apparel made from light-weight fabrics but are also designed to provide warmth. They are usually tight-fitting and elastic. Women should also wear light-weight gloves to protect hands and full length socks for the feet.

red knit wool scarf for neck protection

Winter Running Gear Cost

The best winter running gear is offered by brands like Nike, Ryka, Asics, Puma, and Reebok are affordable and warm; while brands like Saucony and Adidas are a bit expensive.

The winter running gear for women offered by Nike consists of tights within $65 – $100 price range and winter jacket $75 to $350. The winter running gear for men is also priced the same as that of women by Nike. The Asics thermopolis winter jacket is available at $64 and its winter running pants are available at $70. the Asics storm shelter pants is water-proof and wind-proof and is priced at $80.

The Feetures original no-show socks are priced at $27. They have form fitting shape and these socks are breathable and cushioned. Brooks is another brand for winter running gear and one of its products is the thermal vest, which is light-weight and is priced at $90 and it can be used in place of base layer.

When wearing your winter running gear, care must be taken that you dress at less 20 degrees warmer than the temperature indicated at the time. Do not wear too much clothing, since it can restrict your movement, but of course, you must wear enough cover up to keep you warm the whole time your outdoors.