Pet experts have noticed a new trend of keeping spiders as pets these days. Spiders are definitely the latest fascination for the pet lovers. These animals can be dangerous to some extent but the overwhelming beauty has attracted many young people towards them. Here you will find a concise guideline about spiders, different species and the steps to synchronize a spider as your pet.

Step 1: Collection

Before you do anything, it’s important to find an animal to keep as pet. Spiders are common household arthropod, so you can get them indoors as well. A few species can be dangerous as they bite and their bites contain venomous substances. Before you catch one, consider researching about the species naturally inhabiting in your area. Use a small jar to catch the spider safely. Keeping spiders as pets can be difficult if you want more than one live together as spiders often seen eating each other as they are naturally territorial and known to live alone.

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Step 2: Housing

You should choose plastic condominiums for the large spiders. These are inexpensive and can be found in almost any pet shop. And in case you have chosen a smaller species, you should think about a jar or a plastic container with some air holes in it. Make sure the holes are small enough to prevent the spiders from escaping. For hiding, webbing and natural inhabitation, you should use potting soil, sticks, artificial plants or dead leaves at the bottom of the cage.

Step 3: Water supply

Water supply is a vital issue for keeping spiders as pets. You can use a plastic bottle cap or a small bowl to serve water dish to the pet. Spiders also imbibe water sprayed on the webs. But you have to be very concerned about the sanitation and cleanliness of the cage. Make sure the water you spray doesn’t dampen the cage in any way.

Step 4: Food & Nutrition

Spiders prefer to prey on their food and you should offer insects to them 1 or 2 times a week. If you haven’t sprayed insecticides in the backyard, you can catch insect from the garden; however picking up Crickets from the pet shops is also a good idea.

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Step 5: Constant monitoring

Keep your eyes on the spiders to learn more about them. If you are willing to find out the secrets of webbing, you have a great option to have spiders as pets. Webbing is one of the greatest natural mysteries, so it’s fun to learn about that through diurnal repetitive observations.

Preferred species of spiders as pets

There are numerous species of spider and being a common household arthropod they are available indoors and outdoors in all seasons. The most popular species of spiders as pets are: Tarantulas, Wolf Spiders, Jumping Spiders, Fishing Spiders, Grass Spiders etc.

When you are petting a spider, you should be cautious about using natural spider repellent. Using Lavender, Lime, Lemon and Orange essential oil make effective natural spider repellents. So you should keep these away to help your spider-pet grow and live happily.