Boots are stylish and very fashionable. Owing a pair or two is advisable. If you have large calves, go for the wide calf boots. These boots are designed specifically for those people with large calves who find it difficult to get boots their sizes. For women with large calves, finding suitable boots is difficult thus most of these women opt for other types of shoes thinking that boots are not meant for them. However, the demand for boots has forced designers and manufacturers to come up with womens wide calf boots so as to cater for the need of women with large calves.

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Benefits of Wide Calf Boots

Wide calf boots has several benefits all aiming at satisfying women with wide calves.

  • To begin with, these boots are stylish and come in different designs like the wide calf riding boots.
  • They provide your feet with additional room for movement and breathing.
  • Also, these boots give the impression that the wearer has long and lean legs.
  • Furthermore, these calf boots have certain features that not only add to their benefit but also make them unique from the other varieties of boots.
  • These boots tend to stretch to create more room for the wearer.
  • They are available in sizes 12 and above unlike other boots that are available in sizes 12 and below.
  • These boots can be adjusted to fit easily.

Boot Sizes, Selection and Fashion Tips

There are steps that need to be taken to get the right size. One of these steps is to know the various categories of calf boots. There are three categories, namely:

  • Wide– These are the smallest and size ranges from 16  to 18 ¼ .
  • Extra wide– Extra wide calf boots range from 17 ½ to 20 .
  • Super wide calf boots –These boots are the largest and the sizes range from 18 to 21.

Aside from knowing the various categories, here are the other steps that you need to observe in order to get the right size.

  • Ensure to choose boots with panels that can be adjusted to a size of your liking.
  • Buy boots that are a size larger, which can then be reduced to your desired size. This should be done especially when purchasing the boots online.
  • Try the boots on in order to determine if it is well fitted and comfortable.

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Wear your wide calf boots with knee length dresses or flowing dresses. Pants and jeans would go well with black suede boots. Ensure to tuck the pants in the boots to expose the calf boots. Match the boots with fitting leather jackets for a reserved cool look. Wearing a waist belt of a similar color to the boots is a fashion plus points. Having these boots is worth your money since they are simple yet stylish and they blend well with nearly all outfits.