There are specific types of cycling clothing which should be used in various circumstances and situations in the discipline of cycling. Appropriate clothing includes:

  • Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Jerseys
  • Socks
  • Helmets

In cycling, the trick is to strike a delicate balance between exposing yourself to the elements due to scanty riding gear and being uncomfortable due to putting on too much padding. Cycling gear is divided into several categories depending on what the rider requires as well as the occasion at hand.

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Track Cyclists

Custom cycling clothing is available for track cyclists who have aerodynamics as one of the most important aspects. The track cyclist suits are made of shiny material and have more padding in the seating area of the shorts. Mittens are recommended for track cyclists so as to improve their hand grip on the handlebars.

Cross Country and Mountain Cyclists

These are some of the most common bikers anywhere in the world. This aspect of biking is popular due to the freedom that comes with riding in the countryside or up the hills and mountains. Most cyclists also prefer it due to the stamina that the task demands especially when mountain biking is involved. Cycling clothing for mountain bikers must include weatherproof gear since the possibility of encountering rain or cold weather is ever present. Female bikers are required to have womens cycling clothing rather than going out in their best clothes so as to protect them from both the weather elements and when accidents occurs. Other factors to consider when engaging in cross country biking is that you are likely to get muddy and wet, so you have to dress appropriately.

Cross country and mountain riders can never predict what lies ahead or round the next corner. At times being clad in the necessary cycling clothing is what determines whether the rider survives an accident or not. Mountain riders are especially vulnerable especially when they are riding alone in the event of an accident.

Down Hill Riders

These are a unique breed of cyclists who require a lot of extra padding in their cycling clothing. Serious riders may require Craft cycling apparel, a highly recommended line of biking clothing developed through research and technology. Most of these riders appear bulky in their heavily padded clothing unlike regular sportsmen. Shin guards, full-face helmets and spine protectors are a must for these bikers in order to shield them from harm as they engage in action-filled movie stunts.

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Most countries have tough rules and guidelines about cycling clothing. All cyclists are required to have standard helmets as well as abide by the road laws at all times. Cyclists who have ever fallen off a bike clearly understand the difference protective gear makes in the event of an accident. Biking accidents have claimed the lives of countless bikers who dared to ignore the need to have helmets and other custom cycling clothing that they are required to have when biking.

Today, it is possible to buy standard discount cycling clothing from online dealers rather than running the risk of going out riding without good cycling apparel. Apart from cycling clothing, riders are also advised to carry along a mobile phone especially where there is enough coverage to be able to communicate with other cyclists.