Wine coolers have been beneficial appliances in the wine making industry for many years. This article will help you appreciate and select the best wine coolers.

Looking Back

There were various ways of storing wine prior to electricity’s invention. Wealthy people stored their wine in underground cellars and caves several years before the invention of electric wine coolers and wine refrigerators. The underground cellars and caves were seen as perfect for storage because they had the required ingredients and setting for apt storage of the wine bottles. The caves were dark, still and cool, and the bottles were able to sit sideways, which allowed them to sustain the flavor of each bottle. This idea was used for several centuries until the introduction of electricity which are used to power and run wine coolers and refrigerators.

undercounter french door wine cooler refrigerator

Advantages of Wine Coolers

The advantages of using wine coolers are as follows:

  •  Wine coolers run on electricity and have an ideal setting for the wine to sit virtually in any dark corner of a house or a restaurant.
  • They can be placed in one of the corners in the bedroom or a basement that has never seen the light of the day or inside a den that do not have any windows.
  • Thanks to wine coolers, anyone can store his or her wine in a protected and safe environment.
  • Any person who uses a wine cooler to store his or her wine will be blown away by the taste of the wine which remains strong and delicious.

best thermoelectric wine cooler

Selection Tips

Before settling on a wine cooler or a wine refrigerator, you need to check on the type of wine you normally purchase and how you drink the wine. If you normally buy white wine, the white wine cannot be stored for long like the traditional wine. With time, the humidity in the wine refrigerator can start to harm the wine. This can make the wine refrigerator unsuitable for storing white wine for a long time. Therefore if, a person wants to use the bottle of wine for weeks or months, it is advisable not to use the wine refrigerators to preserve your white wine.

A good example of wine refrigerator is the Avanti refrigerator. It has been a staple wine storing appliance for almost 40 years. Aside from Avanti, the following are the popular brands of wine coolers and refrigerators.

  • Cavavin
  • Danby
  • Vinotemp
  • WineKeeper

Finding the best wine coolers is essential. Any person who wants to enjoy the taste of his favorite wine for a long time should consider wine coolers for a strong and delicious taste.