There are some mothers, especially new mothers, who constantly ask the question, “Why do babies get hiccups?” There is no need for you to worry when you hear the ‘hic’ sound, as it is entirely normal for babies to get hiccups. The primary reason for babies getting hiccups is that their systems are not yet fully developed, and so hiccups will result.

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Why do infants get hiccups? When there is an unpredictable and sudden tightening of the diaphragm taking air into the lungs, hiccups will result. There are times when hiccups in babies will develop as a result of feeding, and there are other times when it will seem like there is no apparent cause for these hiccups. In very rare cases, baby hiccups may be a symptom of a very serious medical problem known as GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). Other symptoms of GERD in babies include spitting up, irritability and coughing.

Why do babies get hiccups in the womb? Hiccups in the womb are also normal for babies. They take place in more mature fetuses that are starting to develop a central nervous system. Expectant mothers will wonder, “Why do babies get hiccups in utero?” however, this is no cause for alarm, as it is a normal part of pregnancy. Some mothers will feel when their babies having hiccups inside the womb, while other mothers will not be aware of this fact.

Another question that accompanies, “Why do babies get hiccups?” is the question of “How can one treat babies’ hiccups?” There are a number of home remedies and medications that are available; however, you need to be careful of the things that you give your baby and yourself, in order to relieve hiccups in babies.

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On average, hiccups will last anywhere between ten and thirty minutes. If you are feeding your baby, you can breastfeeding or feed your baby with a bottle uninterrupted for about fifteen to twenty seconds; this will help to stop hiccups in babies. If you bottle feed your baby, you should ensure that the nipple of the bottle is the right size, so that air does not escape in the bottle. What some mothers do not know about, “Why do babies get hiccups?” is that air swallowed by babies during feeding, particularly bottle feeding, will result in them developing hiccups.

Overfeeding can also be a cause of babies developing hiccups. The best way to treat this is by feeding your baby in portions, while observing the time intervals at which he or she is fed. Although many mothers will wonder, “Why do babies get hiccups?” there is absolutely nothing to be worried about.