There is a wide selection of wholesale pens suitable for all writing needs. Today, the improvement of the writing instrument’s form has surpassed its function.

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The stock of wholesale pens range from ballpoint pens, fountain pens, gel pens and sign pens. Most pen casings are made of common plastic resins. Some are made from more durable acrylic. Some materials come in as a combination of plastic and metal casings and others in all metal casings. Pioneer pen makers of known brands have incorporated engineering not only in their designs but more importantly, in writing performance. Specialty manufacturers use more exotic materials such as stone, gold, silver, platinum, wood, and antlers.

There are manufacturers of wholesale pens that accept custom designs for wholesale personalized pens. Some manufacturers specialize only on the manufacture of pen casings or pen blanks. Before, a pen can be personalized with plain engravings on the pen casings. Now, manufacturers take the business of personalized pens more seriously. Other manufacturers focus mainly on accessories for fountain pens and sign pens. Custom designs are mostly practical and functional such as pens with laser pointer, pens with a USB data storage drive, digital watch etc. Personalized pens appeal to all ages, and all walks of life. Multipurpose pens that also function as toys for young students. Some pens are made with luxury in mind to attract collectors. Some manufacturers of these fine writing instruments even claim that their products are handcrafted. Makers of these designer pens have incorporated the use of valuable metals and gems and that each pen are works of art and unique. Personalized pens will do best as business gifts for corporate clients and are produced usually in limited editions.

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Wholesale pens can also be most effective and practical as a tool for name-recall for companies and products through wholesale promotional pens. Unlike personalized pens, promotional pens cost cheaper to make with mass production in mind. Manufacturers offer flexible terms and more reasonable prices for bulk orders. Their creative staff are on hand to work with the clientele’s specifications. Companies can get ahead of competition by way of personalized advertising. Promotional pens may be printed with company names and logos or the product name itself. Best-sellers in the stock of wholesale ink pens for promotion and advertising are click action pens, twist action pens, lanyard pens, capped pens, and popular designs of novelty pens. At present, the latest computer printing technologies are available in the market that makes company labels and designs last.