It can be difficult to find casual shoes for men that are versatile, comfortable, and affordable and often, a buyer has to choose from one or more of these assets. However, there is also little doubt that having access to quality casual shoes offers a flexibility in dressing and wardrobe that is not afforded by only formal or athletic footwear.

Nunn Bush shoes are a strong choice for casual footwear, thanks largely to their considerable selection. Whether looking for a casual loafer or a pair of footwear with a sportier cut, Nunn Bush is an excellent outlet for finding a quality shoe to wear in a variety of circumstances.

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Types of Casual Shoes

A shoe style that has seen resurgence in recent years is the boat shoe, as preppy fashion has retaken a place in the men’s market. Nunn Bush offers a variety of boat shoes and loafers to make its own entrance into the potential in this market. The Squall series—offered in navy, brown, and oak—is a prime example of a shoe option that combines comfort with functionality. This classic style is as at home in a patio cocktail party as it is at a day on the beach, and pairs nicely with a variety of fashion options. Luckily, this line’s advantages are not limited to appearance: the Comfort Gel insole guarantees that the Squall could be worth throughout the day without causing any kind of foot pain or fatigue. Finally, a quality leather upper ensures that these casual shoes will not wear out after only a couple of uses. Among Nunn Bush shoes, these are a very appealing option.

Any careful buyer will be interested in more than one style, so Nunn Bush shoes has risen to the occasion. For those who prefer the ability to easily transition off-road, the Crevasse is a durable and comfortable choice. Built for all terrains with a sturdy rubber bottom, this shoe is easily at home on the trail. Indeed, the options when it comes to walking shoes are where Nunn Bush’s selection of casual shoes truly shines. Consider also the sportier Prosper line: with its variety of color selections (black, white, bone, and brown tumbled), this durable shoe has both a Comfort Gel sole and a KORE midsole to maximize comfort. The most adventurous buyer will be sure to buy the Arctic Tundra boot, which includes Thermalite lining for extra warmth. Clearly, there are enough options to please even the pickiest buyer.

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This is only a small sampling of the many options Nunn Bush shoes provide for its casual shoes. Also available are the more traditional leather loafers, such as the tasseled Anders shoe or the simple Venture line. The true strengths of the Nunn Bush casual line are the sheer number of options and the quality constructiontwo traits that other brands sometimes lack. It is helpful that one is able to find both leather loafers and boots that could handle a long day on a trail. Men who are especially discerning about their footwear will be happy about this wide range of reliable items.