Today’s meat slicers make food preparation a lot easier. This is something you don’t want to do without in the kitchen especially if your household is big on meat like most American homes of today. Meat slicers’ development, however, started not inside a home but in butcher shops in the early 1900s. But at the dawn of the 20th century, meat slicers became an integral part in the US household kitchen.

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What are the basic types of meat slicers?

Meat slicers were made basically to cut meat precisely and neatly for meals and snacks especially meats used for sandwiches. It has 3 basic types designed to meet household, commercial and production needs. The three types are the following.

  1. Meat slicers for home use. These are light-duty meat slicers designed for home use. There are basically two types of meat slicers for home use: the manual meat slicer and the electric meat slicer. Aside from meat slicers, other types of popular domestic meat processing equipment are electric meat grinder, food choppers, and sausage fillers.

Meat slicers used for homes have smaller blades that measure around 7 inches. Its motor power should be around 100 watts. Popular brands for home meat slicers are Hobart, Waring, Chef’s Choice and the Maverick.

  1. Small business or commercially used meat slicers. These are medium duty meat slicers that are meant for a small to medium sized restaurants where food preparation is frequent. Blades vary in sizes so it can slice different range of meat thickness according to the need for the food preparation. Blades can be 7 to 14 inches and meat slicers run on a motor power of 100 up to 130. These slicers are often multi-purpose making it cost effective. It will not only slice meat, it can slice vegetables, fruits, cheese and a lot of other foods.
  2. Meat slicers for industrial use. These commercial meat slicers are used for heavy-duty meat processing purposes producing bulks of sliced meat or meat products. These are bigger, more automated and must be more durable than the two types mentioned above. These meat slicers run on a ¼ horsepower. Blades are the same with the medium duty meat slicers but are made from more durable carbon steel for high performance. These meat slicers often have additional features like automatic and wider options for its slicer settings, retractable carriage for a quicker processing and a built-in blade sharpener.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Meat Slicers

In purchasing meat slicers, it is important that you know what type you need. However, the types are not the only thing you should consider. You will need to check for meat slicer reviews and find the best brands and type for you to use according to your need. Be sure to look into the following considerations in shopping for the best meat slicers:

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  • The blade size. If you want meat slicers for your household use, there is no need for larger blades.
  • Materials used. There are aluminum and stainless steel meat slicers, choose which you think is best for you.
  • Maintenance. Be sure to know how to maintain them and that there is a recommended repair center for the brand you’re getting in case of machine breakdown.
  • Brands. No matter how cheap the prices are, it is best to go for brands that are well reviewed in the market. Popular brands are Berkel, Weston, Globe, Edge Craft, Chef’s Choice, Hobart, Kalorik and Turbo Air. You can find these brands of meat slicers online or at local home improvement stores.